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Do you know the application of the Internet of Things in the medical field?

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The Internet of Things technology is now maturing and is widely used in many aspects such as industrial agriculture. In fact, the scope of application of the Internet of Things is not only the case, the Internet of Things has begun to develop into the medical field, and now the Internet of Things has made significant progress in the medical field.

The healthcare industry is actively adopting the Internet of Things. In one of the first major industries of IoT technology, nearly 60% of medical institutions have adopted IoT technology, and as many as 73% are satisfied with the cost-saving effect after adoption. It is estimated that by 2019, about 87% of medical institutions will adopt IoT technology. However, the application of the Internet of Things has also brought about changes in healthcare. In the past, patients were only treated in hospitals. In the future, regardless of where the patients are, they can be diagnosed, monitored and treated remotely, which is an advancement in medical care.

Major players in the medical industry (including health care organizations), equipment manufacturers, suppliers and doctors, all benefit from the medical Internet of Things: healthcare organizations can reduce claims and suppliers can reduce maintenance burdens. The value and information generated by the Internet of Things is more helpful for the diagnosis and treatment of doctors. The Internet of Things is suitable for the transformation of today's healthcare industry and for the needs of health-conscious patients. Therefore, the combination of the Internet of Things and the medical industry can be said to be a milestone.

According to the survey, the medical network is the second largest application area, accounting for 30.3%, second only to the Industrial Internet of Things. In terms of market size, according to market classification, the largest is the hospital equipment market, followed by the wearable market.

According to different usage scenarios of network medical devices, the medical network is divided into five sub-markets: wearable, family, community, clinic and hospital equipment. These five sub-markets together constitute the medical network ecosystem. Each submarket has different environmental conditions.

The Internet of Things is widely used in the wearable market, including products for pregnant women, babies, people with disabilities and disease management. In this market, equipment needs to meet the needs of different users at the same time, including doctors, insurance institutions, pharmacists, consumers themselves. Therefore, the product must be of high quality and accuracy. Second, the range of wear products is very broad and the products should be separated and avoided. For example, pedometers, heartbeat calculations, and sleep monitoring products have entered the market.

It can be seen that the development of the Internet of Things has penetrated into every aspect of daily medical care, which is convenient for doctors to detect the condition of patients, and is conducive to the prevention and cure of diseases for patients. Of course, the good development of the Internet of Things in the medical field is certainly not the case. You can follow our official website, we will publish the next article, we will discuss this issue further, and you are welcome to ask us about the issue.


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