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Do you know what types of medical disposable items are there

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Disposables are very common in the medical field and are used frequently. They are also an important part of hospital expenditures, such as needles, needles, gauze, etc. Medical disposable items are designed to prevent the spread of bacterial viruses, to ensure the health of patients and the health of the entire medical environment. Let's take a closer look at what medical disposables are all about.

Wound dressings:

Wound dressings have these classifications

Transparent dressings, adhesive wound dressing


Biological dressing

Germany HARTMANN wound dressings

Baby care umbilical dressing

Germany LR wound dressings

Yogurt wound dressings

Other medical polymer dressings

The disposable medical kit:

These are included in the disposable medical kit

kits central venous catheter bag

Delivery kit  

Enema bag, first aid kit

Urethral catheterization bag

Stomach tube kit, bite material kit

Hemodialysis catheter package

Oral care package

Puncture bag

Treatment package, for leather bags

The endotracheal tube bag, sputum suction bag

Disposable medical catheters:

Disposable medical catheters has these classifications

Central venous catheter

Urinary Catheter

Stomach tube

The drainage tube airway intubation, catheter series

Medical sponge:

Alcohol cotton piece, cotton swab

Medical sponge

Medical cotton products

Nasogastric tube, anal canal

Iodine volts disinfection cotton piece, cotton swab

Other one-time medical catheter

Medical adhesive tape, glue stick:

Infusion glue stick

Surgical tape

Athletic tape

Needle glue stick

Injection and infusion equipment:

In a sterile syringe without needle injection, infusion parts

Needle, infusion needle

Insulin syringe

Disposable syringe

Disposable infusion pump


Medical gauze, medical bandages, orthopedic splint:

Self-adhesive bandage

Medical gauze

Plaster bandage

Elastic bandage

Orthopaedic orthopaedic synthetic polymer bandage

Precast gesso splint

The corset, pressure socks

Polymer fiber glass splint Medical disinfection,

Needle, needle biopsy:

Bone marrow and visceral biopsy needle

Angiography and drainage equipment

The disposable anesthesia needle

Dynamic venous indwelling needle

Minimally invasive surgery and anesthesia equipment

The scalp needle 

Blood transfusion equipment:

Hemodialysis catheter blood collection needle

Laser blood

Disposable transfusion apparatus

Medical suture materials and equipment:

Medical sutures polyamide

Medical silk suture line

PGA absorbable surgical suture

PGLA absorbable surgical suture

Medical polyester suture line

Medical polypropylene suture line

PVDF surgical suture

Medical stainless steel wire

Medical suture needle

Skin suture machine

PET medical suture line

No seam tape Blood

Interventional radiology imaging equipment:

Piercing sheath

Interventional heart, radiation imaging series accessories 

Operating room protective isolation sanitary products:

Surgery bedspread, bed sheets, mat one class

Incontinence care products.

Surgical masks

The drapes

Sterile cases 

Operation protection

Isolation suits, protective clothing, gown

Medical gloves medical cap, shoe covers

Other medical polymer materials:

The drainage, drainage bag

Commonly used medical supplies

Disposable medical supplies are very common in hospitals and in any medical environment. They also come in many different categories, each with a different purpose. If you are a health care professional or a related practitioner, you need to know more about the various categories and uses of disposable medical supplies in order to better treat patients.


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