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Emergency Center Ambulance Configuration Standard

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As an important part of emergency medical rescue in public health system, pre-hospital emergency services have been increasingly showing its rapid reflection function. As an irreplaceable part of professional treatment, ambulances play a carrier role in the first aid process, and its quality directly affects the success of emergency work and the safety of patients.


This paper focuses on the configuration and use of ambulances.

一、For the characteristics of the complicated roads and narrow streets in large and medium-sized cities, the following points should be considered when choosing a vehicle:

1. Choose a vehicle with a high, wide, long and small turning radius, whose style is with strong flexible feature, suitable for driving on city streets.

2.Choose gasoline engine, as the engine starts fast, the acceleration time is short, the noise is low and suitable for city use.

3. It is advisable to use vehicles with good stationarity in the process of ambulance transfer.

4. Due to the large number of vehicles in the car, and the more spacious rescue space, larger vehicles can be chosen, as well as diesel engines.


二、According to the actual situation of pre-hospital emergency work and the needs of public health emergency rescue work, the first aid center should be equipped with the following types of vehicles:

1. General transport-type emergency vehicles: mainly responsible for the transfer and review of patients in the recovery period. The car is equipped with a stretcher to provide convenience for patients. According to the experience of the first aid centre, such police missions account for about 10 per cent of the total workload and 8 per cent of ambulance equipment.

2. Common type ambulance: mainly responsible for the transfer of general patients, on-site treatment and on-way monitoring, etc. Medical car tank should configure pipeline oxygen device, 12 v, 220 v uninterruptible power system, which is equipped with first aid kit (usually used first aid equipment and all kinds of emergency medicine), electrocardiogram machines, oxygen tanks, etc., and can be on board defibrillator, according to the condition monitor, electric attractor, glucose meter and other emergency equipment. Such ambulances account for 50 to 60 percent of the disease categories and economic conditions of urban patients.

3. Gravity-type emergency vehicle: it is used in the field rescue of critically ill patients, during the process of monitoring and safe transport. Select the engine whose power is strong, shock absorber performance is good, medical cabin is spacious, configuration is reasonable,  comprehensive performance good big vehicle. They need to be equipped with more comprehensive than ordinary emergency first aid facilities, emergency drugs and medical equipment, equipped with defibrillation apparatus, endotracheal intubation device, balloon mask artificial breathing machine, automatic on a stretcher, shovel stretcher, upstairs chair stretcher, negative pressure vacuum stretcher, negative pressure vacuum splint, neck collar, etc., like a flowing care unit or ICU. According to the proportion of pre-hospital severe patients, it will be in need of such ambulances 25 to 40 percent.

4. Medical emergency command vehicle: command vehicle is a public health emergency temporary mobile command places, which mainly provide command scheduling performance in leadership and research processing technology environment. The command vehicle is divided into six functional subsystems, which is image acquisition system, display storage and control system; data and video transmission system; communication command system; office management system; intelligent distribution system.

5. Emergency medical reinforcements: pre-hospital emergency ambulance to perform tasks are often single combat, once encountering ill or injury patients, which needs an experienced chief physician to guide and direct in the scene. The medical first aid car is a car with small body, flexible and convenient trunk, which can be made by the chief physician himself.

6. Emergency material guarantee car: in order to cope with the emergency rescue mission on the spot, it should be equipped with an emergency material guarantee car to meet the international standards. Choose truck chassis body, equipped with the lighting and power supply system, broadcasting system, shovel stretcher and soft stretcher, first aid kit and first aid box, vertebral plate and negative pressure plate, reversing system, inflatable tents, relief shearing equipment ,etc.


Ambulances are the means of transport for the sick and wounded. The advantages and disadvantages of first aid vehicles directly affect the quality of rescue. Therefore, when selecting and configuring vehicles, the engine power should be selected, and the medical treatment module is spacious, with reasonable configuration and comprehensive performance. The configuration of ambulance in emergency center is directly related to the rescue ability of emergency center and the rescue ability of a city public health system.


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