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First Aid May Save Lives

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First Aid May Save Lives

A first aid kit should be kept in every home or office.

Today, Bob Doughty and Pat Bodnar provide a short guide to first aid.

Doctors in hospital emergency rooms often see accidental poisonings.
A frightened parent arrives with a child who swallowed a cleaning liquid.
Or perhaps the harmful substance is a medicine. Or it might be a
product meant to kill insects. These are common causes of accidental

In cases like this, seek medical help as soon as possible. Save the
container of whatever caused the poisoning. And look on the container
for in
formation about anything that stops the effects of the poison.

Save anything expelled from the mouth of the victim. That way,
doctors can examine it.

In the past, some people forced poisoning victims to empty the stomach.
They used a liquid -- syrup of ipecac -- to do this. But a leading medical
organization no longer advises parents to keep syrup of ipecac. The
American Academy of Pediatrics says some poisons can cause additional
damage when they come back up the throat.

Millions of people know how to give abdominal thrusts to save a person
choking on something trapped in the throat.

Bacteria can enter the body through even the smallest cut in the skin.
So, medical experts advise people to treat all wounds. Clean the cut
with soap and water. Then cover the wound while it heals.

The Mayo Clinic health centers suggest several steps if bleeding is severe.
First, if
possible, have the person lie down and raise the legs. Remove
dirt from the wound and press on it with a clean cloth or piece of clothing.
If you cannot find anything clean, use your hand.

Keep putting pressure on the wound until the bleeding stops or medical
help arrives. Do not remove the cloth if the blood comes through it.
Instead, put another cloth on top and continue pressure. If the bleeding
does not stop with direct pressure, put pressure on the artery that carries
blood to the wound.

In the past, people were advised to stop severe bleeding with a tourniquet.
This device is made with a stick and a piece of cloth or a belt. But experts
now say tourniquets are dangerous because they can crush blood passages
and nerves

If a wound seems infected, let the victim rest. Physical activity can spread
infection. Treat the wound with a mixture of salt and water until medical
help arrives. Add nine and one-half milliliters of salt to each liter of boiled water.
Place a clean cloth in the mixture and then put the cloth on the wound. But be
sure not to burn the skin.

To learn more about first aid, ask a hospital or organization like a Red Cross or
Red Crescent Society for in


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