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How to save someone's life in an emergency

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What if you're next to someone else who's having an emergency? Don't just stand there as the person chokes or faints! Know what to do in these life-or-death situations. Before we start, the very first thing you should do is call for emergency help (or if someone else is around make sure they call 911). Then, while you're waiting, see what you can do to help the person.

These are four lifesaving skills that will help people in an emergency, I believe that we all should know:

1. CPR. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is used for people who are not breathing. For teens and adults, We all can learn CPR very quickly online or on classes, "hands only" CPR is more effective compared to mouth-to-mouth breathing and should be centered in the chest, over the breastbone, depress the chest by 2 inches and end at a rhythm of 100--120 beats per minute.

2. AED. An automated external defibrillator is a portable equipment that can analyze the rate of the patients with sudden cardiac arrest and give them electric shock, about 95 percent will die from sudden cardiac arrest without help, because their blood does not get pumped up to the brain and their body . AEDs are usually placed in public -- shopping malls, schools, hotels, trains, airports and airplanes. It can be used by everybody, even without any training before. Pictures and even voice prompts make use safe and easy.

3. Heimlich Maneuver. Heimlich maneuver can be reviewed online and taught in their first aid classes. If someone is choking, stand behind them, put your thumb of the fist placed over their belly, between the navel and the rib cage. The rest of hand is placed over the fist. Then, use sharp upward thrusts of your hands. This should be repeated until the item from the airway is expelled. For babies, you'll place the baby face down on your forearm, supporting the head in your hand and with the head lower than the body. Five quick back slaps should then performed with the heel of your hand and between the shoulder blades. If the object does not clear, the baby will be turned over onto your thigh, still with the head supported and lower than his or her body (let gravity help you!). Then give five quick chest thrusts with two fingers on the breastbone and about 2 cm below the nipples (this is the same position used for chest compressions in infant CPR).

4. Tourniquets. Tourniquets can be used both on arms and legs to stop blood flow for brief periods of time. It should be used on life-threatening bleeding patient that can not be controlled by direct pressure. Uncontrolled bleeding is the leading cause of preventable death after trauma and can happen very fast. Similar to AEDs, commercially made tourniquets are increasingly becoming available in public places; however, they're not yet widespread. The availability of bleeding kits is very important, since unfortunately, the numbers of mass casualty events are increasing. Even though tourniquets can be improvised with neckties, strips of clothing, belts and even electrical wires, improvised tourniquets have been shown to be largely ineffective, in comparison to medical grade tourniquets.


Hopefully you'll never need to put any of these life-saving tips into play, but whether you have a first aid kit on you or not, at least you'll know what to do just in case. Please take the time to learn these skills for emergency situation – your life or a loved one's may depend on it to save life.



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