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Instrumentation and control electronic blood warmer projects

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Instrumentation and control electronic blood warmer projects


  • Blood transfusion / infusion for the patients during operation or after operation;

  • Massive blood transfusion/infusion for emergency care and routine blood transfusion  / infusion in the clinical setting;

  • Intravenous nutrition or nasal feeding;

  • Children and neonates’ infusion ;

  • Normal infusion in cold seasons;

  • Heating of the liquid for flushing;

  • Technology of control;

  • Microprocessor system provides high precise control , permanently running self-tests and malfunction alarm;

  • Temperature monitoring;

  • Numerical display for real-time temperature or setting temperature;

    blood_warmerblood_and_infusion_warmer_eiw_01F 9-4 Blood warmer




Name Infusion heater/Blood warmer
Use Make the infusion fluid and blood between 37°cand 40°c.Help patient infusion

Power supply:220V,50-60Hz,                                                     

Power consumption:Max:200VA

Type Type of protection against electric shock:    Class 1
Degree Degree of Protection against electric shock:     B
Degree Degree of Protection against ingress of Liquids:IP*4 Splash proof
Warming time About 1 min  ,Operating mode: Continuous
Temperature monitoring

Numerical display for real-time tempreture or setting temperature


Temperature setting

37°c - 40°c 

Adjustable at rate of 0.1°c

High temperature cut-off  41°c  or 45°c
Low temperature alarm:  36°c
Normal transfusion Infusion tubing can be used in low flow rate

                                                       Output Temperature VS. Flow Rate                                           (room temperature at 25℃,Extension set winded 11 circles)
Flow    Rate      Initial Fluid Temperature:10℃     Initial Fluid Temperature:20℃

Set                  Temperature                38℃ 

Set                  Temperature                40℃ Set                   Temperature                38℃ Set   Temperature   40℃
Output Fluid Temperature Output Fluid Temperature
15ml/min   34℃ 35℃ 34℃ 35℃
35ml/min 33℃ 34℃ 33.5℃ 35℃
50ml/min 31℃ 32℃ 32℃ 33.5℃
65ml/min 29℃ 30℃ 31.5℃ 32.5℃
80ml/min 27.5℃ 28.5℃ 30℃ 31℃
100ml/min 27℃ 27.5℃ 29.5℃ 30℃


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