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Introduction of bandage scissors

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A bandage scissors, as the name suggests, is a pair of scissors that are used in medical care to cut a bandage.


Currently, there are two main types of hot selling materials: plastic handle (type CR-SC01) and all metal scissors (model CR-SC02). With regard to plastic handle scissors, it is divided into PP and ABS. PP is relatively rough, ABS is slightly smoother and more environmentally friendly, and the price is slightly higher than that of PP. Size are 9 cm, 12 cm and 14 cm, 15 cm, 16 cm, 18 cm, 19 cm. The main colors are black, blue, red, green. As for the whole metal shears, the general material is 420L and the quality is good, the size is 14cm and 19cm.


Although our scissors are slightly higher than Pakistan's, we have a bigger advantage.

1. We can guarantee a stable delivery time.

2. Good quality.

3. Various certificates, such as CE, ISO3485, FDA, etc.

4. Customized services. Our minimum order quantity is generally 1000. We can print the logo on the scissors for you. If you want a more simple logo, we can paste the sticker on the outer package for you. As for outer packing, you can also make it according to your requirements.


The above is a brief introduction of the bandage scissors. If you want more information, please feel free to contact us!

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