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Introduction of blood-pressure meters

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With the economic development, people's living standards are constantly improving and they will pay more attention to their own health status. According to past experience, blood-pressure meter are hospital medical devices and are devices that measure blood pressure. Now, every family, especially those with senior citizens, will have a blood-pressure meter. So if you want to know about blood-pressure meter, this article will do a detailed introduction to it.


EMSRUN blood-pressure meters mainly have three

First, manual blood-pressure meter. It has the advantage that prices are much cheaper than automatic blood-pressure meter. High measurement accuracy. The disadvantage is that it is not convenient for one person to complete the operation.


Second, upper arm digital blood pressure watch. This kind of blood-pressure meter needs to be tied to the upper arm to function.


Third, wrist digital blood pressure watch. It is the most widely used one. The difference between upper and upper arms is that it can be measured with a good wristband. During walking, travel is convenient, compact, and does not take up space, and blood pressure can be monitored anytime anywhere. The upper arm digital blood pressure watch is more complicated to use, and it needs to take off thick clothes in winter to increase the difficulty of measurement.


Understanding the classification of blood pressure, if we do not use these devices correctly, we can not detect our physical health, so we need to understand the correct use of the blood-pressure meter. Here, we describe the correct measurement method for a wrist blood-pressure meter, which is a widely used magnetometer.


Correct measurement method for wrist digital blood-pressure meter

·Before measuring blood pressure, try to avoid eating, and do not smoke and exercise so that the measurement data is more accurate. Find a comfortable place to sit and relax.


·Place the blood pressure on your wrist and the control panel should be on the inside of your wrist. Leave a finger-width distance between your cuffs and your hands to avoid affecting your operation and readings.


·Use velcro straps to attach the blood pressure to your wrist. Don't loose it too tight, and keep it comfortable.


·Place your arms up on a table or other flat surface. It's best to place the cuffs at the same height as your heart, and use cushions if needed.


·Complete any preliminary selection based on the monitor's requirements.



·Keep your cuffs still and relaxed when inflated. Any movement at this time will lead to high blood pressure, leading to reading errors. When finished, the cuff will shrink and your blood pressure value will be displayed on the control panel.


·If you track blood pressure levels over time, record your readings in the blood pressures  memory. You may not understand how to use it at first, so be sure to read the manual carefully.


·Turn off the blood-pressure meter and put it back.


When you use a blood-pressure meter to make measurements, you must keep it relaxed and do not clench your fists. Otherwise, the measurement results of the blood pressure will be inaccurate and affect your judgment of your own health.


The application of blood pressure is actually very extensive. If you have bad blood pressure, we strongly recommend that you prepare a blood-pressure meter at home. Of course, if you are in good health, it is also okay to prepare a blood-pressure meter for emergency use. The above is a brief introduction to our popular blood-pressure meter, which are described in more detail on our website. If you want to know more details, please contact this email address viki@emsurn.com, and you are welcome to communicate with us, we look forward to your questions.



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