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Many people know the importance of learning the basic first aid methods

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Many people know the importance of learning the basic first aid methods

But few people can do it

In order to solve this problem, Zhejiang University has developed a first-aid blanket. Although it can not completely replace the regular first aid training, it can save lives at a critical moment.

The general emergency blanket with the tin foil or aluminum film made of gold silver gold is divided into two sides, with warm on the body, silver sun. The function of the first aid blanket has the following points: 1, sunscreen in the sun, the first aid blanket on the body can protect the body to avoid direct exposure to the sun. 2, keep warm: when cold weather in the wild, wrap the emergency blanket on the body can absorb temperature and reduce the loss of body heat. 3, reflection: in the field, the first aid blanket is wrapped around the body, which can help the rescue workers to find the target. 4. The stretcher emergency blanket has good toughness, light, soft and plastic. It can be used as a stretcher. 200 pound man lying on the expansion of the emergency blanket, carrying six people at the same time between the four corners and edges of the blanket blanket anxious to save, not damaged!

[recommended reasons]

The multipurpose first aid blanket / insulation blanket is used to prevent rain, wind, and sunscreen. It is small in volume, light in weight and easy to carry. After folding only the size of the palm, it can wrap all of your body.

In the event of sudden disasters such as the snowstorm case caused by personal loss of temperature suddenly, as a temporary emergency equipment, rescue blanket can reflect more than 80% of the body heat, effectively prevent body heat loss, maintain normal temperature, wait for the rear support.

In addition to heat insulation, it has a good reflective effect (reflector can make emergency personnel find you soon in the wilderness). Under the intense heat of the sun, the sun can be shielded, and the ultraviolet and high temperature damage can be effectively resisted.

In addition, it is also very strong, and waterproof, in the rain to get out of the emergency, the effect is very good. This product is an international emergency lifesaving essential product, suitable for field exploration, inspection, tourism, and the use of disaster.

[use as an example]

1. After the accident, the body can be covered by a first-aid blanket to prevent the sharp drop of body temperature.

2, the vehicle is anchored in the cold zone or at night, and the first aid blanket can be used as the body to keep warm.

3. The first aid blanket can be used as a reflective film to signal to the rescuer.

4, in the rainy days, emergency blanket can be used as a rain cape can open canopy do;

5, the sun in the summer directly under the parking, the emergency blanket of silver face out, cover the car front windshield

Glass can reduce the heat absorption in the car.

6, put a first aid blanket in the sleeping bag, and the heat preservation effect is very good.

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