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Nasopharyngeal ventilation tube use

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Maintaining airway patency is the key to the treatment of critically ill patients. Tongue and fall are common complication in patients with disturbance of consciousness. In the past, most of them adopted the method of oropharyngeal airway for treatment, but because of their shortcomings of nursing and patient tolerance, they became clinical More difficult problems.

I. Purpose of use: Insert the anterior nostril into the heel of the tongue, relieve nasopharyngeal airway obstruction, increase pharyngeal patency and reduce air flow resistance. Improve patient oxygenation, help to attract the upper respiratory tract.

Second, nasopharyngeal ventilation tube Indications: incomplete tongue and fall caused by respiratory tract obstruction patients, difficulty breathing through the nasopharyngeal airway oxygen inhaler. Cough sputum, the upper respiratory tract to be attracted to prevent repeated nasal absorption easily lead to nasal mucosal damage. Dental confinement can not suck sputum.

Three nasopharyngeal ventilation tube contraindications: nasal polyps, nasal bleeding or bleeding tendency, nasal trauma, nasal deformities, nasal inflammation.

Four nasopharyngeal ventilation tube to use: 1, assess the patient, check to understand the patient's consciousness, nasal cavity, respiration and blood oxygen situation. 2, check, explain, to awake the patient informed purpose and obtain the patient and their families. 3, ready supplies (flashlights, sterile cotton swabs, gauze, paraffin oil, nasopharyngeal snorkel suitable models, oxygen device, suction device) to the bedside. Check again, wash your hands. 4, the general position to take side or head side. 5, submandibular shop towels 6, choose the smooth side of the nasal cavity, clean and moisten the nostrils with a cotton swab dipped in paraffin oil. 7, with paraffin oil gauze fully lubricated nasopharyngeal ventilation tube wall 8, the nasopharyngeal ventilation tube curved down, the upward curvature of the inner edge of the mouth down along the direction of the vertical nose slowly into the nostrils to the outer edge of the tube 9 , With tape or lace properly fixed to the nasal side. 10, adjust the oxygen connected to the oxygen tube, the oxygen tube inserted nasopharyngeal tube 5 to 8 cm. Suction should be given a high flow of oxygen and then remove the oxygen tube after the nasopharyngeal airway to attract sputum, according to the correct suction method of operation. 11, to help patients return to comfortable position, finishing supplies 12, hand-washing records. Record patient intubation time, type, patient response, SPO2, sputum traits and so on.

V. nasopharyngeal airway and oropharyngeal catheter use advantages and disadvantages of the following aspects: nasopharyngeal airway patients with good tolerance, does not affect the oral function, can still be oral intake, maintain oral hygiene; reduce infection for easy care; ventilation effect than Placement of oropharyngeal tube significantly improved. Oropharyngeal poor patient tolerance, spit tube, plugging phenomenon, affecting normal oral function, can easily lead to oral infections, but if there is indeed the tendency to tongue falling and tongue bite should be preferred oropharyngeal catheter.

VI. Nasopharyngeal ventilation tube Caution: 1, to maintain the nasopharyngeal airway patency, daily nasal care. Ointment between the nose and nasal tube, nasal secretions in time to clean. 2, good wet airway. Prevent nasal mucosa dry bleeding. 3, to prevent nasal mucosal crush, 1-2 days nasopharyngeal ventilation tube replacement and inserted in the other nostril. 4, to keep the oxygen tube smooth without sputum scab block. 5, nasopharyngeal airway tube to be used when paying attention to the effect of sputum attraction evaluation and inhalation of oxygen to improve the evaluation of hypoxia effect. 6, if necessary, with the doctor for further treatment of endotracheal intubation.


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