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The U.S. hurricane is hitting hard

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The U.S. hurricane is hitting hard

The national hurricane center has officially given a strength of 160kt for hurricane Emma. In the Atlantic hurricane history, Emma was tied for second place, surpassing katrina, Andrew, and other cyclones, with Wilma and gilbert in the middle of a narrow gap. But Emma's reinforcement is far from over, and it is likely that it will overtake Alan tomorrow as the strongest Atlantic hurricane since 1851, crowned the Atlantic wind king.

On Tuesday, the national hurricane center on September 5, again send warning, is face to the west of the Atlantic hurricane Irma to upgrade to "dangerous" category five hurricanes, expected on Wednesday after English and United States virgin islands, Puerto Rico, and is moving to Cuba. Storms and flooding are likely to hit summer resorts such as Miami and west palm beach on Saturday or in southeast Florida.

The United States hurricane strength comes, hope you can prepare for the cold. Strong release of cold comfort, emergency blanket.

We hope that the American people will be safe and we will be with you.


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