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The fat people increase the emergency ambulance

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The fat people increase the emergency ambulance

Around the UK emergency service center are updated emergency and first-aid
facilities, to adapt to the demand for overweight patients. Updating facilities
around the UK emergency service center, so that when a fat people call the
emergency service encounter. All across the country, BBC reporter learned that,
emergency service center began to purchase extra large stretcher, increase the
take-off and landing equipment, as well as the reinforcement of the existing
emergency. Many trauma center also ordered that cost up to 90000 pounds of
special "obesity" the ambulance. 

   A matter of life The special ambulance is equipped with a width of double
mobile stretchers and cart, patients can carry up to 318 kg.The car is often
equipped with lifting facilities and cushion device. 
  Britain faces a grim reality: patients with overweight and obesity increased,
even ordinary ambulance will need to do special facilities, such as lifting air
cushion. Modified ambulance can carry at least obese dedicated wheelchair
"blockbuster" and the king stretcher. The equipment is expensive.Such as lifting
a cushion to 2500 pounds, special stretchers price from 7000 to 10000 pounds;

  Reinforcing a first aid to the rear of the lifting gear need roughly 800 pounds.
 Webb, head of the British emergency services association said, these are
essential to the expenses, because the patient volume is more and more big,
the vital moment, an ambulance must encounter." 


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