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The introduction of Emsrun ‘s steriled gauze:

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In the current operation stage of western medicine, most of the surgical bandage is still needed for medical  steriled gauze (sterilization). As a medical bandage for traumatic dressing, people need to have some understanding.


Medical  steriled gauze  of the main ingredients for absorbent gauze, according to the different length of need to intercept, double bleaching, skim gauze by chlorine oxygen, no fluorescence, the coiling machine, cutting, alcohol after eliminating bacteria and used for wound after the operation, can also be used for use after trauma. Generally this kind of gauze is soft, moisture absorption is good,Here are our normal specification: 4*4*84*5*84*6*85*5*85*6*85*7*85*8*86*6*86*7*86*8*87*7*87*8*88*8*88*10*810*10*8 10*12*85*5*125*7*125*8*126*8*127*8*128*8*128*10*1210*10*12 ,  emsrun is also willing to do special size according to your needs and request.


Generally, the price of steriled gauze is cheaper, and can be used in general trauma, such as the movement of the scratch, wounds after alcohol or iodine disinfection, such as simple processing after use medical gauze piece (sterilization) bandage, bandaging, according to actual condition to use alcohol or iodine disinfection before bandaging for simple processing.


Medical gauze piece (sterilization), it is important to note that the storage when placed in dry, ventilated place, away from heat source, not to put, and chemical and corrosive objects stored in the hospital in sterile conditions, convenient to call at any time, pay special attention to, be sure to put in the place where children can not touch, lest cause waste or improper use of children's play children hurt.



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