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The misunderstanding of the use of band-aids

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Band-aids are not a panacea, not for all wounds. Under normal circumstances, the band-aid is mainly used for small and shallow wounds, neat, clean, especially suitable for incision bleeding is not much and do not need to suture the cut injury, such as a knife cut, cut, cut, etc.

The right way to do it: get the indication right. For larger, deeper and more exotic wounds, the use of band-aids should not be used. This should be timely to the hospital. For contaminated or infected wounds, such as heavy skin abrasions, burns, etc., should not use band-aids. As to hair folliculitis, furunction, suppurative infection of the wound and various skin diseases, more unfavorable use the band-aid.

1. Band-aids can be posted casually

When using band-aids, it is always convenient to make the picture convenient. It is not correct.

The right approach: using band-aid, the first thing to check whether have dirt inside the wound, if there are any impurity, must use the disinfection of physiological saline, the wound is clean first and then put a band-aid. If the wound is punctured by nails and other objects, it should be treated immediately and injected with tetanus antitoxin. Secondly, after opening the band-aid, we should avoid the contaminated medicine surface. When applying the paste, the medicine face must aim at the wound, after the paste is put on the side of the wound slightly pressure.

2. The band-aids can be posted for a long time

To put a band-aid on a wound is not to say "all is well", nor to stick to it for a long time.

The correct way: one is to observe the change of the wound. If you use a band-aid after 24 hours, wound consciously have similar pulse "throbbing pain", or has a discharge, to open in time to observe the wound around the presence of inflamed hot pain. If any, indicate that the wound has been infected, should be treated immediately. The second is to protect the wound. After use of band-aids, don't use your hand to pinch the wound, the area of the wound should be as little as possible to prevent collision, so as not to break the wound. The third is that the use of the band-aid should not be too long, should be changed one day.

3. Waterproof band-aids are not afraid of water

Not using waterproof band-aids to be able to contact water for a long time. If the skin around the wound is sticky, especially in special areas, such as fingertips, knees and elbows, the waterproofing is not waterproof.

Proper practice: when using waterproof band-aids, minimize contact with water, observe and protect the wound, and replace the band-aid with water.



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