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To save children’s lives, what should be put in the first aid kit?

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The configurations of the first aid kit, under ideal conditions should vary from person to person, but basically should cover the following categories. Parents can control the list, according to the actual situation of their children to make the necessary replacement and supplement.


Important statement of emergency first aid kit: before using any medication from first aid kit, be sure to follow the doctor's advice of pediatricians don't to make diagnosis for your child.


First categories: emergency medical necessities and drug classes

1. All the members of the family medical credit card number and important medical institutions

Medical credit card is used when the accident happened, the first time give nursing staff of medical information, greatly reduce the cost of the rescue, increase the safety factor of the rescue.


The content of the medical credit card should include the following information:

(1) the name; (2) birthday; (3) health card/health care number; (4) guardian name, address and telephone number; (5) the individual's pediatrician name and phone number; (6) the individual's family doctor's name and telephone number; (7) the individual's name and phone number of specialized subject doctor; (8) individuals belonging to a dentist's name and telephone number; (9) medical insurance company name and number; (1) personal history of allergies; (11) chronic illness; (12) other important information.


Important the number of medical institutions is also need in the first aid kit, because accident occurs, the parties may panic, mind a blank, forget what should be how to deal with emergency. Therefore, write down some important call, it is very necessary.

If there are readers living in BC, Canada remember two telephone:

(1) 911 (ambulance) and 811 (nurse line);

911: if your child in any case the danger, dial 911 for an ambulance immediately came first, reoccupy first aid knowledge to the child first aid.

811: in non-emergency situations can call consulting, this is the nurse hotline, BC in Canada, they can provide all kinds of family medical consultation.

(2) the local Poison Control center (blow Control Centre) number.

(3) the number of family members, friends or neighbors who can provide assistance.


First categories of emergency first aid kit: Epi-pen (for children with severe allergies)

2.This epi-pen is used less in China, so I'll explain briefly:

The epi-pen can be understood as a family medical syringe containing drugs, mainly used to relieve the shock and other critical conditions caused by severe allergies in children. In North America, many children have a particularly severe nut allergies or wheat (but relatively rare in Asia), once swallowed, can cause systemic symptoms such as swelling, dizziness, shock, if rescue not timely and even death. As a result, such children need to carry an epi-pen with them, with drugs specifically designed to treat allergies. The epi-pen used by each child is different, with the patient's name, drug class and expiry date marked by the doctor to ensure safety. The epi-pen is expensive.


2. Painkillers/painkillers. Use a brand and dose designated by a specialist pediatrician and do not use aspirin.

3. Oral rehydration solution is mainly used for the dehydration of children after diarrhea. A drug that supplements water is called Pedialyte, which is mainly composed of glucose and water.

Hydrogen peroxide. Mainly used to clean cuts and abrasions.

4. Antibacterial cream. It is mainly used to prevent infection after the wound is cleaned.

5. Calamine Lotion is mainly used for the skin itching after mosquito bite, or the skin redness and rash after exposure to poisonous plants.

6. Mosquito repellent spray for children is mainly used for children's outdoor activities. In case of bee sting, Antihistamine can be used to cope with the allergic reaction after a bee sting. You need to consult a professional pediatrician.


Second categories of emergency first aid kit: Sunscreen. Please select a special brand for children. Sunscreen isn't just for women. In fact, children should wear sunscreen, wear hats and sunglasses before going out to protect their delicate skin.

Second category: medical tools and gauze.

1. A baby or child type thermometer.

2. The tweezers. It is mainly used to remove splinters, spikes, or ticks that have been inserted into the skin.

Sharp scissors for cutting bandages.

3. Small measuring cups used to measure the amount of liquid used to calculate a child's intake of medicine.

4.Small warm baby or hot water cup to relieve tummy ache.

5. The ice packs. It is mainly used to deal with bruising, sprain, etc.

6. Small strong light flashlight and its spare battery to check for swelling of the throat, eyelid inflammation, ear infection, etc.

7. Tongue depressors. To hold your tongue, check your throat (or use a flat lollipop instead).

8. Sealed alcoholic cotton cloth used for sterilization of thermometers and other tools. Before using all kinds of tools, wipe the sterilization with alcohol cotton, wipe it again after use, and let it dry and save.

9. Nasal wash ball (bulb syringe) is used to relieve the symptoms of the baby's Nasal congestion.

10. Medical triangle towel. Mainly used to deal with the fixation and fixation of the fracture.

11.Disposable rubber gloves. In contact with body fluids of others (blood, saliva, urine, and digestive juices, sweat, etc.), all need to put on rubber gloves to avoid infection (only protect yourself first, can better protect children). Gloves may be discarded after once.


The third category of emergency first aid kit: the bandage and cleaning wet towel and other consumables.

1. A large amount of clean, non-sticky gauze. Prepare some gauze rolls and some folded gauze pieces in advance, and use them according to different circumstances, so that you can avoid the scrambling in emergency situations.

2. Medical tape is used for fixing gauze.

3. Sterile alcohol tampon is used for cleaning minor abrasions and bruises on the skin.

Clean cotton swabs. Mainly used to clean the outside of the ears and nose. Please pay attention! Never poke a cotton swab into your child's nose and ear! Inserting a cotton swab into the nasal cavity may cause the foreign body in the nasal cavity to be pushed further into the trachea; Use a cotton swab to clean the ear canal, which can damage the eardrum.

5. A large number of band-aids of various shapes and different USES.

Please note the emergency first aid kit items that if the child is used to putting things in his mouth, do not use a band-aid on his/her fingers to avoid the risk of choking after swallowing.

6. Ace bandage.


Category 4: items that any child needs and is not on the list.

Each child's situation and the individual demand is different, so, I think, good in the first aid kit must be need to include those who can meet the needs of children personal items, such as a healthy snack.


You need to be prepared to prevent accidental situations in your child's emergency. There are always one kind of children's first-aid kits above that are suitable for you. If you are interested in learning more about emergency first aid kits for kids, please contact us.


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