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What are the important things in the safety accident emergency rescue

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The hazards of emergencies are great because they usually occur without warning and cause great harm to the economy and people's safety. Therefore, emergency rescue is very important.

Emergency rescue

Emergency rescue refers to a series of rescue assistance actions taken in the event of a safety accident or danger in an emergency accident, for the timely rescue of personnel, evacuation, control of the scene, mitigation of the consequences of the accident and control of the disaster.

Emergency response

In the event of an accident, emergency rescue measures are identified based on the size and development of the accident. Such as emergency command, resource allocation, emergency risk aversion and emergency response expansion. Responders are deployed in a timely manner and resources are used rationally, including human resources and material resources. Prepare multiple sets of plans, select emergency countermeasures and action plans according to the specific circumstances of the accident at the scene of the accident, so as to reduce losses and losses in a timely and effective manner.

1. Regardless of the extent of the safety production accident, each emergency must initiate a safety accident emergency rescue plan.

2. After the coordination of the parties, after the plan is determined, the rescue personnel must arrive at the scene of the accident in the shortest time after receiving the report of the accident.

3. When the rescue capacity is insufficient, the emergency rescue command department at the scene of the accident has the right to deploy other rescue teams to cooperate with the accident emergency rescue.

4. A number of rescue teams will cooperate in emergency rescue. The rescue team will cooperate closely under the unified command at the scene of the accident to jointly implement rescue and emergency rescue.

5. The person in charge of the rescue command should arrive at the scene to formulate or adjust the rescue plan according to the specific situation.

Consider the main risks

Use emergency resources available on-site to develop emergency procedures to maintain unimpeded rescue in major accidents or emergencies, such as sudden weather or fires that cause damage to the site environment. In the event of an emergency accident, you should immediately notify the local community of any activities such as recreation to prevent more people from being harmed. You also need to consider your response to a more serious emergency because the current incident may have a range of other effects.

The first-level department and rescuers must immediately issue an alarm and notify the public when the accident occurs, and make the following preparations:

·Crowd management, including evacuation, if necessary

·On-site emergency response, prepare fire extinguishers and other facilities

·Traffic management, including emergency vehicles

·Evacuate disabled people

·Summon emergency services and continue to contact them

·Event control

After the emergency accident

When the various contingency measures are implemented, the risk has also been reduced to a level that is not too harmful, you can consider the relevant recovery work. The operation will only resume after consultation with other major agencies on the site. Restoring work also requires cooperation with various departments to be the most efficient. For example, tap water, communication equipment, and electricity, if damaged, need to be repaired in time.

In the safety accident emergency rescue, it is essential to have a comprehensive and appropriate rescue plan and the cooperation of rescue personnel. Only in this way can an emergency be handled.


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