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What is types and characteristics of the blood pressure monitor

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The blood pressure detector is a very common device in modern medical equipment. It is very effective for monitoring the blood pressure of the human body. Currently, electronic blood pressure monitors can be used for clinical monitoring, but doctors primarily use mercury blood pressure monitors for final diagnosis. Auscultation of blood pressure is a relatively reliable standard for clinical diagnosis. It is believed that it will play a vital role in the future medical development. Let us understand the development of the blood pressure detector.

The types of blood pressure monitors and their respective origins:

1. Auscultation blood pressure monitor, including traditional mercury blood pressure monitor, digital blood pressure monitor, semi-automatic auscultation blood pressure monitor, automatic auscultation blood pressure monitor.

2. Oscillographic method (known as oscillating wave method) electronic blood pressure monitor, an oscillating wave appears during the pressure drop in the cuff for measuring blood pressure. When the oscillation amplitude reaches the maximum, the corresponding average external pressure can be regarded as The average blood pressure of the person being measured that is forced to establish a mathematical conversion method to calculate the blood pressure value.

Advantages and disadvantages of auscultation blood pressure monitor:

Advantages of auscultation blood pressure monitor:

The gold standard for blood pressure measurement, recognized by professional doctors and nurses, as the sole criterion for clinical diagnosis. At present, some domestic manufacturers introduce foreign technology to produce an automatic auscultation blood pressure monitor. The disadvantages of mercury blood pressure monitor are gradually reduced, which solves the big problem that Kosovo's blood pressure cannot be automated for decades.

Disadvantages of auscultation blood pressure monitor:

1. Error: Mercury purity, dust in the mercury pipe, etc. will affect the accuracy of the mercury indicator number, and the auscultation error of the human ear cannot be calculated.

2. Mercury poisoning: Confirm that mercury products such as mercury blood pressure monitors and thermometers will be eliminated by 2020. It can be seen that while the mercury blood pressure monitor benefits the people, it also harms the descendants of human beings.

3. High requirements for use: It is required to accurately hear Korotkoff sound, which is inconvenient to carry.

Advantages and disadvantages of oscillometric electronic blood pressure monitor:

Advantages of oscillometric electronic blood pressure monitor:

1. Easy to carry

However, it should be noted that hospitals and equipment have no medical responsibility due to medical accidents caused by inaccurate measurement of oscillometric instruments such as ECG, but if the oscillometric electronic blood pressure monitor is used for hypertension or clinical diagnosis. The hospital has an unshirkable responsibility.

%1. The advantage of monitoring is obvious

The hospital is now used for intensive care, dynamic monitoring, etc. The blood pressure is recorded as a continuous relative change. The wave method can be used to record the curve of the change, but it cannot be used as a diagnostic value.

Disadvantages of oscillometric electronic blood pressure monitor:

1. Principle design error

Experiments show that the oscillometric method appears in the armband cavity, which has a certain concomitantness with the Korotkoff sound, but it is not synchronous, earlier than the Korotkoff sound, and ends later. Therefore, the oscillometric electronic blood pressure monitor is very different for individuals, especially for patients with hypertension, the error of blood pressure measurement is larger than that of normal blood pressure. Therefore, it is difficult for an electronic blood pressure monitor to define and reliably measure blood pressure. The accuracy of the reference is based on the Korotkoff method.

2. Applicable population restrictions

Those with very weak pulse, those with high or too high blood pressure. It is best not to measure blood pressure with an electronic blood pressure monitor.

To sum up:

1. Accurate and convenient automatic auscultation blood pressure monitor is the best choice.

2. Auscultation blood pressure monitor is convenient for home measurement and can be used for clinical accurate diagnosis.

3. Choosing an auscultatory blood pressure monitor recognized by experienced medical staff is the primary premise for accurate blood pressure measurement.

The above is a basic introduction to the blood pressure monitor, if you have other questions, you can always consult us.


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