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Why do you need a band-aids in your life?

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Band-aid, also known as "hemostatic plaster", has a hemostatic, protective creation. It is made of a long piece of tape, with a small piece of gauze that is dipped in a drug. Because of its structure limitation, the creative possibility post can only be used for small pieces of trauma emergency treatment, thus it can temporarily stop the blood and protect the wound.

But it should be noted that it should not be used too long. If you use it for a long time, the adhesive tape will not breathe. It will whiten the skin around the wound and the wound, and it will become a secondary infection of the bacteria. This will make the wound worse.

Band-aids are suitable for superficial wounds, clean wounds, little bleeding and no need for stitches. In general, if only minor skin abrasions are minor, you don't need to use band-aids. You can only use iodine or ethanol. It can prevent infection. If not, you can also use a thin layer of purple medicine. After two or three days the wound can scab and dry. If skin wounds are relatively deep. And to treat it unconditionally, rinse the wound with clean water. Then use the band-aid to make a simple bandage. But the bag should not be too long, preferably not more than two days. At the same time, should take the time to go to the nearest hospital to undertake formal disinfection treatment, lest cause unnecessary infection.

Other effects of band-aids

1.Fix your glasses: when climbing a mountain, sometimes your glasses are a tricky business and there is no suitable thing to fix in the wild, so you can use band-aids to help.

2.When we replenish water in the field, we can use a band-aid to make a funnel, and then use the mesh in the middle of the band-aid to make the filter paper, which can act as a filter.

3.Prevent motion sickness: slice the ginger, then use the band-aid to stick on the belly button, can be able to prevent motion sickness effect.

4.Crack pain: when your fingers are cracked, you can tear off the mesh of the band-aid and wrap it around your fingers to ease the pain.



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