• Waterproof outdoor first aid kit Details
  • Waterproof outdoor first aid kit Details
  • Waterproof outdoor first aid kit Details


  • Made of materials totally red as well as water-proof and nontoxic
  • Portable and light for domiciliary treatment, easy for cleaning
  • Mainly used in small-size clinics, mid-size clinics, families, large and mid-size buses, cars, tourism teams and community hospitals


1:The materials of this kit is waterproof, non-toxic, environmentally friendly which can be easy to clean as well as dustproof and shock proof. The confuration of the first aid kit includes diagnostic tools,Oxygen device and resuscitator etc.

2:The user can also bring more than 40 kinds of emergency used injections and the commonly used  oralliquid.Suitableforhospitals,ambulances,policlinic etc.

3:The user could add the below items by himself according to the current situation: transparent sticking-plaster ,wound dressing ,various kinds of injections,iodine ,band-aid, compound Sodium Chloride injector,0.9 sodium chloride syringes, 10% glucose injection, infusion sets, syringes, intravenous indwelling needle.


Product Size:620mm×360mm×300mm
N.W/ G.W:0.5kg/1kg
Color:Red/Green(Customized according to your needs)
Material Fabric / PVC (Customized according to your needs)
Application:Family, Outdoor, Army, Hospital


1 Oxygen Cylinder 2 Litre *1pcs
2 Air Chamber for Resuscitation PVC for Adult *1pcs
3 Manual Aspitator *1pcs
4 Sphygmomanometer *1pcs
5 Stethoscope * 1pcs
6 Lamina for Pressing Lingua *1pcs
7 Equipment for opening Mouth *1pcs
8 Tongue Forceps *1pcs
9 Plexor *1pcs
10 Flashlight *1pcs
11 Scissor 12.5cm *1pcs
12 Dressing Clamp 12.5cm *1pcs
13 Cervix Fixer *1pcs
14 Rolling plywood 92×11cm*2
15 Adhesive Plaster 1.25×200cm*2
16 Gauze Bandage 10×500cm*4
17 Cravat 100×100×140cm*2
18 Compressed Gauze 50×80cm*2
19 Medicinal Gauze Pieces 7.5×7.5cm *10pcs
20 Alcohol Cotton *10pcs

21 Iodine Cotton Swabs 5pcs/Box
22 Medicinal Gloves *1
23 Tourniquet*1