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EMSRUN is your trusted manufacturer and supplier of ambulance stretchers in China.

For more than a decade of lucrative operation, we have achieved priceless experience and become one of the leading medical care items suppliers.

You can order ambulance stretchers, other types of stretchers, first aid kits, and other qualitative EMSRUN products.

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In this partition, you can view the latest stock of EMSRUN ambulance stretchers. These documents contain only actual items available for purchase. The list of our ambulance stretchers is updated at least once a year.

Why Choose EMSURN Ambulance Stretcher?

  • EMSRUN ambulance stretchers are made of high-qualitative materials, including robust aluminum alloys.
  • Our ambulance stretchers can serve both as chairs and beds.
  • EMSRUN delivers ambulance stretchers in a complete state, meaning that you’ll get mattress pads, straps, locking devices, and other equipment inside the kit.
  • Our ambulance stretchers are made following international and governmental standards of ambulance healthcare.
  • EMSRUN ambulance stretchers are very comfortable because of neat construction and soft padding materials.
  • EMSRUN guarantees the quality of its ambulance stretchers and is ready to send a testing sample so you can check the product personally.
  • We offer the most reasonable prices on the market, especially in cases of ambulance stretchers’ bulk orders.
  • a new style roll-in chair cot which can be matched with the ambulance
  • a new style roll-in chair cot which can be matched with the ambulance
  • a new style roll-in chair cot which can be matched with the ambulance
  • a new style roll-in chair cot which can be matched with the ambulance

EMSRUN Certification

Here we have gathered all certificates achieved by EMSRUN. Among these documents, the most important are ISO13485, CE, and FDA certificates.

Latest Product Show Video

You can use our ambulance stretcher videos to promote our goods and become more familiar with these items. We update these files regularly to make them contain only actual products.
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Ambulance Stretcher

EMSRUN – Your Premier Ambulance Stretcher OEM Factory

EMSRUN is proud to be your advanced supplier that brings the bravest ideas to life. We focus on developing ambulance stretchers of the highest technology and quality. All items you order are manufactured following stringent regulations of the medical care industry. We pass through constant inspections to confirm our certification list.

When producing medical care equipment for your wholesale demand, it is important to keep the quality at the highest level possible. Due to our broad expertise and high-tech production lines, we can guarantee the long-lasting operation of EMSRUN ambulance stretchers. Moreover, the quality of each ambulance stretcher is checked by our QC team and third-party inspectors before they are shipped to you.

For all years of existence, EMSRUN has targeted challenging projects with international importance. We have partnered with FIFA World Cup representatives, as well as with London Summer Olympics officials. Among our customers you can find the International Red Cross, and Civil Defence in Saudi Arabia. Our ambulance stretchers and other items served thousands of people who required medical assistance.

EMSRUN considers the importance of our specialists’ qualifications. We have professional employees both on manufacturing sites and in our customer support team. Our specialists can provide you the information about EMSRUN ambulance stretchers, latest choice and prices, shipment status, and so on. We are here 24/7 to help you.

EMSRUN also considers the importance of timely services and delivery. We can manufacture thousands of ambulance stretchers per week and send them to any part of the world. Typically, it takes from two to seven weeks to fulfill your order.

Lastly, EMSRUN knows that reasonable prices are the key to profitable relations. We offer great discounts to our regular customers and to our wholesale partners. We can also help you to promote our goods, providing media connected with our ambulance stretchers and other medical care items.

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