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EMSRUN produces CPR masks, pocket masks, and other respiratory equipment that can make a real difference in the medical care industry.

Our CPR masks pass various tests to comply with EU and US standards.

We offer top-notch services and profitable prices, especially in the case of CPR masks bulk orders.

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The medical industry always moves forward, and the market brings new models of CPR masks constantly. To stay current, EMSRUN updates its catalogs and adds new products annually.

Why Choose b>EMSURN CPR Mask?

  • EMSRUN CPR masks can be an essential part of our first aid kits, or you can order them separately.
  • Our CPR masks provide an ideal barrier between the rescuer and the patient to prevent the transfer of bodily fluids during the rescue.
  • The CPR masks produced by EMSRUN are latex-free and easy-to-use.
  • We can supply CPR masks both for adults or children and even for infants.
  • EMSRUN guarantees timely logistic services, as well as safe packaging and all stage support.
  • We inspect every CPR mask before shipping to be sure that they fit EMSRUN high-quality standards.
  • If you don’t trust our CPR masks, you can order a testing product and conduct your own research.
  • Despite that we provide one of the best CPR masks on the market, the rates are as low as possible.
  • Our production capabilities give EMSRUN a possibility to fulfill any kind of CPR masks bulk order in time.
  • Medical Emergency CPR MASK in Plastic Heart Shape Case
  • Medical Emergency CPR MASK in Plastic Heart Shape Case
  • Medical Emergency CPR MASK in Plastic Heart Shape Case
  • Medical Emergency CPR MASK in Plastic Heart Shape Case

EMSRUN Certification

EMSRUN pays all tributes to the rules and regulations of the complex medical care industry. To keep up with them, we have received ISO13485, CE, and FDA certifications.

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Videos posted below can help you to gather more useful details about EMSRUN's latest range of CPR masks.
Military Training Multi
First Aid Bag

EMSRUN – Your Premier CPR Mask OEM Factory

EMSRUN is a global provider in the medical service market, with thousands of successfully delivered CPR masks as our previous deals. When you start ordering from EMSRUN, each of our employees strives to provide you the most appropriate solution combined with excellent customer service.

With multiple products that we manufacture, EMSRUN can meet the strict requirements of physicians, healthcare professionals, consultants, private individuals, and hospital purchasing departments. You can also fill the needs of such customers with the help of our CPR masks and other EMSRUN medical care items. This is why we always keep an extensive product range that is constantly growing for your expanding requirements.

EMSRUN’s global expansion has become a necessity and our increased manufacturing power is helping you to get the best pricing on our CPR masks. We regularly renovate our production lines, and our designers are in constant search of new models for your demand. Due to our long-lasting experience, we can manufacture any type of CPR mask or other medical and transportation equipment.

As for our international sales strategy, EMSRUN prefers to deal with wholesale customers that strive to make our world a better place. Among our partners, you can find FIFA and Summer Olympics representatives, medical experts from the International Red Cross, army specialists from Civil Defence in Saudi Arabia, and many other honorable organizations.

Despite our dedication towards CPR masks bulk orders, EMSRUN is glad to find the proposal for each demand. As for your order, we promise to keep the same level of involvement as in the case of the above-mentioned huge projects. We respect all of our customers regardless of the CPR mask order amount. You get the perfect level of service 24/7.

Our network of trusted shipping partners helped us to reach customers in more than 80 countries. Despite the end location of your order, EMSRUN guarantees that all CPR masks will be delivered safely and timely. We can also help you with delivering to your end customers. It means that you don’t have to think of storage space and deal with this EMSRUN equipment personally.

We would be glad to hear your thoughts about our range of CPR masks and your interest in them. Please, do not hesitate to leave your inquiry and start your story of prosperity with EMSRUN.

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