• Medical multifunctional wall hanging, ABS, first aid box
  • Medical multifunctional wall hanging, ABS, first aid box
  • Medical multifunctional wall hanging, ABS, first aid box

EMSRUN - CR-AQ01 Medical Multifunctional Wall Hanging, ABS, First Aid Box

  • Made of strong tripolymer(ABS) plastics which is shiny smooth and easy to clean.A neopren seal is
    fitted to make them dustproof.
  •  A wall bracket secure them on any house wall or booth.A better contents settlement is permitted
    by the internal crystal partitions.The closing security is given by swivel catches.
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Containing a comprehensive range of component that meets the requirements of workplace
regulations across all states and territories. With a detachable wall mount fixture, this case can
be mounted to the wall or removed with ease if a rush to the scene incident occurs. the inner
compartments are constructed from clear plastic ensuring maximum visibility of all items. the case
closes securely with two turn-latches, keeping contents free from dust and damage.


No. Description Specification Q’ty
1 Emergency Blanket 210cm×140cm 1
2 Sterile Gloves M 2
3 Disinfectant Solutions 125ml 1
4 Triangular Bandage – 2
5 Adhesive Bandage – 50
6 Wound Plaster Kit – 1kit
7 Transparent Tape – 2
8 Gauze Roll – 2
9 Tourniquets mercury 1
10 PBT Bandage – 2
11 Sterile Gauze Swab – 10
12 Scissors 12.5cm 1
13 Safety Pins – 10
14 Tweezers – 11.5cm
15 Mouth to Mouth cpr mask – 1
16 Compressed Gauze 50×80cm 2
17 Alcohol Cotton – 10
18 Lodine Cotton Swabs 5pcs/pac 4
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  • More than 10 years of experience in emergency kit supply
  • Dedicates to offer one-stop solutions on emergency kit for OEM/ODM customers
  • Assemble the completed emergency kit for you
  • With a complete quality management system, access to CE, FDA, ISO13485 certification
  • Fully support on your new emergency product design development
  • Have a mature logistics system to give you the most comfortable logistics experience