Combat Cravat

  • The Rhino Combat cravat is Vacuum-packing,Can be used to secure dressings, it can be used as triangular bandage, a tourniquet, a sling, and many other capabilities and Small size, it can be easily fits into any first aid kit or kit.
  • You can also buy one sample to check the quality first. Send us your project requirement, we will give you a fast solutio((Provide OEM, ODM services).


1:Rhino Rescues combat cravat is a latex free, non-adherent dressing made of woven polyester with two sewn reinforcement seams and high strength polyester lock stitch.
2:The combat cravat has been designed to have multiple functionalities such as immobilising limb injuries similar to a triangular bandage, it can be used as wound dressing and a sling.


Name:Combat Cravat
Material: Non-Woven Fabric
Expand Size:45*45*63in
Package Size:5.1*7in
Product weight:50g
Color:(Customized according to your needs)
Application:Family, Outdoor, Army, Hospital
Service:Provide OEM, ODM service