Home First Aid Kit

  • The CR-QB002H first aid kit is highly organized and features multiple compartments with additional space to add more supplies when necessary. This means you can organize the contents how you like, and quickly find what you need when you need to find it quickly.
  • You can also buy one sample to check the quality first. Send us your project requirement, we will give you a fast solutio((Provide OEM, ODM services).


★ NEW & UPGRADED FOR 2022: 3-in-1 Premium First Aid Emergency Kit with 79 medical grade items.

FULLY STOCKED: Organized interior compartments provides quick access. Rugged, sturdy, high density.

INCLUDES MINI-FIRST AID KIT: Amazingly small, lightweight Mini Kit with additional 30 medical items.

MULTIPURPOSE: Perfect for any occasion or events – family, home, workplace, emergencies, outdoors.


Name:First Aid Kit
Material :pvc mesh cloth
Product Size: 26cm*8cm*19cm.
Product weight:1400g(include configure)/630g(Empty)
Color:fluorescent green
Application:Family, Outdoor, Military,
Service:Provide OEM, ODM service

CONTENT LIST (79piece)

Tools module
Pin  X6
Whistle  X1
Scissors    X1
Tweezers   X1
Splint 18”  X1
Thermometer  X1
Biohazard Bag  X2
Tongue Depressor  X2
Emergency Blanket  X1
-Trauma module
Eye Pad  X2
Medical Tape  X1
Wound Plasters  X12
Elastic Bandage  X5
Sterile Bandage  X4
Wound Compress  X6
Triangular Bandage  X1 

Protection module
Mask  X6
Glove  X1
Alcohol Pad  X10
Saline Solution x2
Iodophor Swab  X10
-Burns module
Burn Dressing  X2
Instant Ice Pack  X1