Car First Aid Kit

  • The CR-QB006A First Aid Kit is made of EVA and 500D nylon material.
  • NEW & UPGRADED FOR 2022: 3-in-1 Premium First Aid Emergency Kit with 82 items.
  • You can also buy one sample to check the quality first. Send us your project requirement, we will give you a fast solutio((Provide OEM, ODM services).


①EVA car first aid kit is composed of EVA hard shell, folding inner bag with configuration and two detachable accessory bags. The kit size is 20cm X 27cm X 12cm.
②This car medical bag is made of hard shell EVA/500D nylon composite fabric , which is durable, anti-drop and anti-vibration so that it can keep the inside accessories intact and safe.
③The overall shape of the medical bag is structured and tough, and the size is moderate. It is suitable for mounting on the back of the car seat, which is convenient for rear passengers to use. The bag adopts the combination of hook and MOLLE transfer system, which can be placed on the car seat through the fixed hook, and can be adapted to any item or transfer board that contains the MOLLE transfer system.At the same time, the modular and detachable design of accessory bags can also allow customers to put reasonable and important medical accessories according to their actual needs. These small accessory bags can be put in the storage box or other places in the front , which is convenient for the driver and front passenger to use.
④The two small inner bags can be used individually as a accessory bag mounting on different outfits as well as a personal first aid accessory kit. The small inner bag is equipped with a separate Velcro to fix on the MOLLE adapter plate, which improves the versatility of it.


Name:Car First Aid Kit
Material :EVA and 500D Nylon
Product Size: 20cm*27cm*12cm
Product weight:1350g(include configure)/630g(Empty)
Application:Family, Outdoor, Military,
Service:Provide OEM, ODM service

CONTENT LIST: (82piece)

Tools module
Pin  X6
Whistle  X1
Scissors    X1
Tweezers   X1
Splint 18”  X1
Thermometer  X1
Biohazard Bag  X2
Tongue Depressor  X2
Emergency Blanket  X1

-Trauma module
Eye Pad  X2
Medical Tape  X1
Wound Plasters  X12
Elastic Bandage  X5
Sterile Bandage  X4
Wound Compress  X6
Triangular Bandage  X1 

Protection module
Mask  X6
Glove  X1
Alcohol Pad  X10
Saline Solution x2
Iodophor Swab  X10

Fixed accessories

Car pillow hook  X2
MOLLE Adapter board  X1

Burns module
Burn Dressing  X2
Instant Ice Pack  X1