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EMSRUN is a dedicated producer of emergency blankets and other medical care items.

We are constantly improving our skills and service to provide you with excellent supplies for the most affordable prices.

EMSRUN guarantees the high quality of our emergency blankets, as well as their helpfulness to your end customers.

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EMSRUN specialists conduct a constant search of medical care goods that will match the needs of our customers. We renew our catalog of emergency blankets at least annually to provide you the latest choice.

Why Choose EMSURN Emergency Blankets?

  • EMSRUN emergency blankets are made of lightweight polyester covered with a special reflective metalized material of various colors.
  • The better part of EMSRUN emergency blankets is capable of reflecting at least 80-90% of the heat emitted by the human body.
  • Such great performance properties are provided by spraying the thinnest layer of aluminum onto the EMSRUN emergency blanket’s base.
  • Due to the unique surface coating, EMSRUN reusable emergency blankets do not get wet.
  • EMSRUN emergency blankets are very popular among tourists and are used by them as a vapor barrier, bedding, bedspread, awning, or poncho.
  • We offer our emergency blankets at the most affordable prices, especially when you order in bulk.
  • EMSRUN makes all efforts to complete each delivery in time and with a flawless result.
  • The quality of our emergency blankets is tested by our QC specialists, as well as by third-party inspectors.
  • To check the quality of our emergency blankets in person, you can order a testing piece.
  • First-aid aluminum foil emergency survival space blanke details
  • First-aid aluminum foil emergency survival space blanke details
  • First-aid aluminum foil emergency survival space blanke details
  • First-aid aluminum foil emergency survival space blanke details

EMSRUN Certification

EMSRUN has a comprehensive package of legal documents to confirm the quality of our emergency blankets, other goods, and services. Here you can see our CE, FDA, and ISO13485 certifications.

Latest Product Show Video

You are free to use the following EMSRUN videos to gather more details about our reusable emergency blankets.
Military Training Multi
First Aid Bag

EMSRUN – Your Premier Emergency Blanket OEM Factory

EMSRUN is committed to bringing you the best quality and value in first aid items, emergency blankets, transportation medical equipment, etc. Since our establishment, we have manufactured and supplied thousands of medical care products to meet the requirements of small and big companies.

Founded more than a decade ago, EMSRUN has gathered lots of medical professionals, as well as qualified manufacturing craftsmen. These specialists are here to help your business to grow into a more profitable entity. When you have questions about our emergency blankets, latest rates, and range of products, you can contact our reliable customer support group and get your qualified help.

When it comes to delivery, EMSRUN takes all efforts to help you avoid unnecessary problems. For example, we can send ordered emergency blankets to your end customers without the need for you to have a warehouse or other similar facility. Also, we are glad to offer promotional services to our wholesale customers.

From EMSRUN humble beginnings, we have quickly grown by constantly seeking and designing the best medical care products. The neat design is the key to success, as well as vast customization freedom. Thus, you can change different parameters when you order EMSRUN emergency blankets, including the change of color, the printing of logos and other pictures, etc.

A complete focus on providing superior customer service to you drives everything EMSRUN does. Our excellence is confirmed by a long list of our satisfied customers. We have partnered with lots of well-known companies and supplied emergency blankets and other medical equipment in more than 80 countries.

EMSRUN’s constant promise is to provide great emergency blankets and other products that work well for you. Moreover, we can guarantee exceptional customer service and assistance thanks to our knowledgeable staff. Finally, you get fast shipping and great proposals, especially when you conduct wholesale orders.

EMSRUN thanks you for the opportunity to fulfill your needs for emergency blankets and other healthcare equipment. We appreciate your business! Please, leave us your inquiry to start ordering from EMSRUN.

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