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EMSRUN is the leading provider of first aid bags and other medical care items in China.

Here you can find the most diverse choice of first aid bags available on the market.

All our items go through complex inspections and checking procedures before they are cleared for shipment.

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This paragraph is dedicated to the latest choice of first aid kit bags available for purchase. You can download our latest catalog using the following link. We update these documents regularly, at least annually.

Why Choose EMSURN First Aid Bags?

  • Our first aid bags are produced of durable materials for long-term use.
  • We can manufacture and customize first aid bags following your specifications and requirements.
  • Our medical kit bags are easy-to-use and carry.
  • We can send you empty first aid boxes, or pack them with all the needed first aid supplies.
  • All EMSRUN come through several inspections conducted by our QC department and third-party professionals.
  • All our activity is in compliance with international and local standards, which is proved by our achieved certificates.
  • We can fulfill all types of orders, including low-quantity and wholesale ones.
  • Medical Equipment Mini First Aid Kit for Car First Aid Kit Box travel details-
  • Medical Equipment Mini First Aid Kit for Car First Aid Kit Box travel details-
  • Medical Equipment Mini First Aid Kit for Car First Aid Kit Box travel details-
  • Medical Equipment Mini First Aid Kit for Car First Aid Kit Box travel details-

EMSRUN Certification

Here you can find all certificates achieved by EMSRUN. This list includes CE, FDA, and ISO13485 certification documents.

Latest Product Show Video

In this paragraph, you can find the latest videos of our first aid bags. Just like with our catalog, we update these files constantly.
Military Training Multi
First Aid Bag

EMSRUN – Your Premier First Aid Bag OEM Factory

No need to look further for progressive first aid kit bags manufacturers in China if you are already on our website. And this is not an empty talk – for over 10 years of prolific existence, EMSRUN has completed dozens of massive international projects.

We’ve fulfilled the demand of 2010 FIFA World Cup representatives and delivered first aid bags, kits and other medical care items. We have manufactured nearly 35 000 medical care items to help combat with Ebola in Liberia and Guinea. We have delivered first aid bags, supplies, and stretchers to complete the order of the 2012 London Summer Olympics. Among our previous customers you can find Sauid Arabia Civil Defence, East Asia Games, and other significant organizations.

Another advantage of our services lies in our loyal operational policies. We have minimal MOQ on our first aid bags, and also you can order a testing sample. We can help you with promotion of bought items, providing videos, photos, and other marketing materials for medical kit bags.

We can customize first aid bags to meet the needs of your business. You can choose color using the Pantone database, add logos and other prints on ordered medical kit bags. It is possible to change the size of items, as well as their inner layout. Remember, that we can add required medical supplies inside your first aid bags.

The delivery process is optimized to minimize your involvement. We have dozens of trusted shipping companies that can effectively deliver both low MOQ and bulk orders. The lead time is typically between 3 to 7 weeks, depending on the recipient’s location. In any case, you can be sure that all first aid bags will come undamaged.

If you have any additional questions, please, reach our customer’s support group. We are here with you 24/7, providing actual info about our medical care bags, status of delivery, and so on. You can use the nearby form to start earning money with EMSRUN.

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