EMSRUN - First Aid Box Manufacturer And Supplier In China

EMSRUN is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of medical care items in China.

Here you can purchase high qualitative first aid boxes made of environment-friendly materials.

There are also a lot of other useful medical supplies available for your choice.

Please, leave us your inquiry if you are interested in advantageous relations with one of the leading Chinese manufacturers.

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Here you can find our latest offerings of first aid boxes. We update these files constantly, at least once a year. You can download the catalog of EMSRUN first aid boxes using the link below.

Why Choose EMSURN First Aid Boxes?

  • Our first aid boxes are made of durable materials to guarantee long-term use.
  • We can manufacture first aid kits and boxes based on your specifications and preferences.
  • Our first aid boxes might be both hand-held and easy to wall mount.
  • You can order all the needed first aid supplies with the box.
  • All our medical care goods are checked by our QC department, as well as by professional third-party companies.
  • EMSRUN manufactures first aid boxes in accordance with international standards, which is proved by our certificate package.
  • We can fulfill small and bulk orders with similar precision.
  • Your first aid boxes can be customized on request.
  • Medical Supplies Mini Home First Aid Kit details
  • Medical Supplies Mini Home First Aid Kit details
  • Medical Supplies Mini Home First Aid Kit details
  • Medical Supplies Mini Home First Aid Kit details
  • Medical Supplies Mini Home First Aid Kit details

EMSRUN Certification

We have CE, FDA, and ISO13485 certifications. To achieve them, we have passed through strict certification procedures, checks, and exams.

Latest Product Show Video

You can become familiar with the choice of our first aid boxes using the videos below.
Military Training Multi
First Aid Bag

EMSRUN – Your Premier First Aid Box OEM Factory

EMSRUN is a medical care factory with hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide. With more than 10 years of experience, we can be named as the leading manufacturer of first aid boxes in China. You can buy our first aid boxes for the most affordable prices, and we guarantee that they will be delivered in time.

Being a successful first aid kit box supplier is a challenging task. Our specialists are constantly learning and achieving new skills to perform at the highest level possible. You can be sure in the quality of our services because of constant inspections by our QC department and third-party agencies. If required, you can find such third-party inspections yourself and conduct the checks of our goods.

Here at EMSRUN, we are proud to be a part of huge world-changing projects. We have delivered first aid boxes and other medical care supplies to our partners in FIFA, Saudi Arabia Civil Defence, the International Red Cross, and others. Also, we have helped with the struggle against the Ebola outbreak in 2014. And we would be glad to become a part of your groundbreaking project as well.

We would be glad to become your trusted partner when it comes to massive wholesale orders of first aid boxes. We can produce thousands of items each week, and deliver them without any hassles. Due to our widespread net of reliable suppliers, we can guarantee timely delivery in any place on Earth.

It is easy to start working with us. EMSRUN doesn’t have strict MOQ rules, meaning that you can order a single testing piece to see the quality of our first aid box before ordering in bulk. We can also provide you all the needed photos and videos to help promote our goods to your end customers.

Finally, let’s mention that we are always opened to prolific offers. If you want to order a massive amount of first aid boxes, we can help you to promote them, conduct exhibitions, create a selling website, etc. With the success of our customers, we achieve even more profit!

If you are ready to become a part of something bigger, please, send us your inquiry using the form situated nearby.

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