EMSRUN-First Aid Kit Manufacturer and Supplier in China

EMSRUN can be your favorite partner in China when it comes to supply of first aid kits.

All EMSRUN first aid kits comply with international standards, and you can check the quality of our items by ordering a sample product.

You can send us a quote and we’ll reach you within a single working day.

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Using the below link, you can download our latest catalog of first aid kits. We update our range of items annually.

Why Choose EMSURN First Aid Kit

  • We are certified emergency first aid kit manufacturers in China, with more than 10 years of experience.
  • Our items go through rigorous testing and checks before you receive them.
  • EMSRUN has a versatile choice of first aid kits in the catalog.
  • Our first aid kits can be packed in various casings, including soft bags and backpacks, or solid boxes and cases.
  • You can order a sample first aid kit to check the quality yourself.
  • Waterproof Trauma Pet Emergency Survival Cases Medical First-Aid Red Bag details
  • Waterproof Trauma Pet Emergency Survival Cases Medical First-Aid Red Bag details
  • Waterproof Trauma Pet Emergency Survival Cases Medical First-Aid Red Bag details
  • Waterproof Trauma Pet Emergency Survival Cases Medical First-Aid Red Bag details

EMSRUN Certification

All EMSRUN medical care items, including emergency first aid kits, pass through the CE, FDA, and ISO13485 certification procedures.

Latest Product Show Video

Here you can watch the videos of EMSRUN first aid kits.
Large Capacity Tactical Kit
CR-QB002A Ems AED Backpack

EMSRUN – Your Premier First Aid Kit OEM Factory

EMSRUN is a prolific manufacturer that can produce huge amounts of items in a short time. Speaking of first aid kit supplies, we can offer you 2500 sets within a week.

Here at EMSRUN, we have completed several game changing projects, such as:

  1. Supply of 1st aid kits and stretchers to the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.
  2. 34850 pcs of medical care items were delivered to fulfil the order of International Red Cross and help to combat Ebola outbreak in 2014.
  3. In 2016, EMSRUN delivered 5500 folding stretchers and 25000 IFAK (Individual First Aid Kits) to Saudi Arabia Civil Defence.
  4. We helped to create a mobile hospital in 2018, with 85 container houses with operating rooms, X-Ray rooms, dental treatment rooms, etc.

EMSRUN catalog includes other medical care items besides first aid kits. You can order transportation stretchers, immobilization devices, and other medical care supplies.

We have a diverse experience in manufacturing of such products, with satisfied customers in over 85 countries. Being on the market for more than 10 years, we have passed through trials and errors to offer you the most qualitative and cheap items.

You can require customization options for your 1st aid kits. We can print logos, offer a versatile choice of colors, different equipment layout, etc.

At EMSRUN, we prefer to deliver goods within the shortest time possible. You get the full control of your shipment, knowing where exactly your items are in each moment. We work only with trusted shipping companies so you can be sure that your order will be delivered without any hassles.


1: What is your MOQ (minimum order quantity)?

A: EMSRUN offers more freedom than other manufacturers when it comes to the MOQ.

You can order a single 1st aid kit to test the quality.

2. What is your lead time for first aid kits?

A: The lead time always depends on your location. In general, we can deliver first aid kits within 3-7 weeks after receiving your specification and payment.

3. Can you manufacture medical care items based on my patterns?

A: Yes, we can produce custom first aid kits and other equipment according to your design.

4: Can I choose color and add printing on the first aid kit?

A: Yes, it is possible to add any required prints and logos on your kit. You can pick colors from the Pantone selection.

5. What shipping options are available?

A: We use DHL, UPC, FEDEX, TNT and other operators to send test samples and small orders. To fulfill large orders, we can organize delivery by sea and air.

6: How to clean the first aid kit bag?

A: You can use oil detergent to clean the bag.

7: Do you have first aid kits in boxes?

A: Yes, we manufacture boxes from trypolimere plastic. They have handles and can be hanged on the wall.

8: What items are included in the first aid kit?

A: We can create the kit’s layout based on your demand.

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