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EMSRUN takes all efforts to bring perfect services and qualitative medical care items to our customers.

You can order any amount of first aid tapes to fulfill the demand of your customers.

For more than 10 years of successful operation on the market of first aid supplies, EMSRUN has gone through lots of nearly impossible projects to achieve the needed experience.

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Here we store our latest catalog of first aid tapes available to order. Only useful and actual info can be found here, because we update these documents regularly, at least once a year.

Why Choose EMSURN First Aid Tapes?

  • We use only harmless materials to produce our first-aid tapes, meaning that they can be used to cure open wounds and in other hard situations.
  • All EMSRUN medical care items are produced following international standards and regulations.
  • Our medical tapes can be torn easily to achieve the needed length.
  • You can order our first aid supplies separately, or packed inside our first aid kit bags.
  • If you want to check the quality of our items before making a wholesale deal, you can require a testing sample option.
  • We are glad to offer the most reasonable prices for our first aid and surgical tapes.
  • We can manufacture medical care items based on your unique specification.
  • first aid tape for Wear resistant and waterproof details
  • first aid tape for Wear resistant and waterproof details
  • first aid tape for Wear resistant and waterproof details
  • first aid tape for Wear resistant and waterproof details

EMSRUN Certification

We have achieved all the needed regulatory documents, including FDA, ISO13485, and CE certificates. We constantly pass procedures to confirm our qualification.

Latest Product Show Video

These videos would help you to understand what kind of first aid tapes range we have currently. You can use these videos to promote our products as well.
Military Training Multi
First Aid Bag

EMSRUN – Your Premier First Aid Tapes OEM Factory

EMSRUN is your trusted first aid supply source in China. Our first aid tapes, medical tapes, and other first-aid items come through severe inspections before getting on the market. For more than 10 years of operation, we haven’t faced the challenge that we couldn’t overcome. When you order our first-aid tapes, you get our priceless expertise in each piece.

We have completed a lot of world-changing projects and supplied millions of qualitative medical care supplies worldwide. Among our satisfied customers are such well-known organizations as FIFA, Olympic Games Committee, Civil Defence in Saudi Arabia, the International Red Cross, and others. Despite the number of your first aid tapes order, we guarantee that you get the same level of service as the aforementioned EMSRUN partners.

We have helped to combat the Ebola outbreak, and we have participated in the organization of international sports events. We have supplied first aid tapes to big and small businesses in different countries and helped them to reach another level of success. And we would be proud to share our success with you.

Being a great manufacturer and supplier is quite a complex task. You have to be sure of the quality of manufacturing processes, as well as in the quality of your customer support services. Our professional consultants are doing their best 24/7 to provide you with all the needed info about first aid tapes, your delivery status, and so on.

When it comes to the delivery of first aid tapes, EMSRUN has a lot of trusted shipping companies available. Due to high competitiveness, such companies give great prices for delivery services, thus, we can pick the most cost-effective option for you. Typically, you’ll get your goods within 3-7 weeks, depending on the ending location.

EMSRUN offers the best prices on the market, particularly in cases of first aid tapes wholesale orders. We can help you to promote our medical care items to the end customers and help you to earn as much money as possible.

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