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EMSRUN is your trusted manufacturer of first aid and medical care items in China.

Here you can find our folding stretcher’s choice and other media connected with this type of stretcher.

For the past decade, EMSRUN has achieved a lot of success in the emergency medical services (EMS) market and completed thousands of significant projects.

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No wheels are available for mass use portable emergency stretcher

Frame made of high-strength aluminium alloy w/Durable Water Proof PVC Coated Nylon Canvas 1000D.


Vinyl-coated nylon cover , Includes patient restraints.
Features folding head-end posts and folding foot-end wheels
Folding head-end posts double as lift handles and support legs and fold underneath the stretcher for storage.

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The following documents contain EMSRUN’s latest range of folding stretchers available to order. We are always looking for innovative items and add them to this list at least annually.

Why Choose EMSURN Folding Stretchers?

  • EMSRUN folding stretchers are made of a precise combination of sturdy materials, including aluminum for the frame and vinyl-coated nylon for covers.
  • As you may rightly assume from the name, our folding stretchers can be easily folded for convenient transportation and operation.
  • EMSRUN can send you folding stretchers packed inside handy carrying bags.
  • Because of their lightweight components and neat design, EMSRUN folding stretchers are easy to use.
  • You can pick various customization options for your folding stretchers, including color, prints, logos, and so on.
  • EMSRUN guarantees the long term use of our folding stretchers.
  • EMSRUN folding stretchers can be used in all kinds of medical facilities worldwide.
  • We constantly check the quality of our folding stretchers with the help of our inspectors and QC third-party companies.
  • EMSRUN provides the most affordable prices for its folding stretchers and other first aid equipment.
  • You can be sure in the timely delivery of basket stretchers because of EMSRUN’s reliable network of shipping partners.
  • No wheels are available for mass use portable emergency stretcher
  • No wheels are available for mass use portable emergency stretcher
  • No wheels are available for mass use portable emergency stretcher
  • No wheels are available for mass use portable emergency stretcher

EMSRUN Certification

EMSRUN achieved all the required certification documents to prove the quality of its services. Below you can see some of these certificates, including CE, FDA, and ISO13485.

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Here you can view actual videos of folding stretchers available to order from EMSRUN. We upload new videos of products regularly, and you can use them to promote our folding stretchers freely.
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Carbon Fiber Stretcher

EMSRUN – Your Premier Folding Stretcher OEM Factory

EMSRUN considers itself as a leading manufacturer and supplier of first aid items for several reasons. You can order various first aid items, including folding stretchers, from our premises. In our successful journey, we are guided by three principles.

First of all, it is our method. At EMSRUN, we aim to achieve and embrace diversity and balance when completing your order. Our philosophy is focused on the spirit of several major principles, such as vision, flexibility, and agility. We believe that sharing and bringing this work culture to life is just as important as producing qualitative folding stretchers. It helps us cooperate, communicate, and celebrate with you.

Secondly, we appreciate our culture. It is driven by the energy and personality of EMSRUN and its leaders. Our vision is about a successful and innovative workplace where everyone can develop personally and professionally. You can also be a part of this system, just by ordering our folding stretchers for the purposes of your business.

We are also glad to encourage middle management to take on the role of a coach. Together, we focus less on hierarchy and more on what is important: teamwork, productivity, and service. This is why you can be sure of the quality of our folding stretchers and other medical care supplies. as well as in the quality of our customer support services.

Finally, we try to keep up with our mission. At EMSRUN, we help you with your B2B project and with the right purchasing decision. We offer you carefully organized information by selecting quality products and manufacturing methods. Day after day, our incentive is to help your businesses to carry out all the projects.

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