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EMSRUN has a great choice of funeral and mortuary stretchers available for immediate order. In the following documents, you can find the latest items.

Why Choose EMSURN Funeral Stretchers?

  • EMSRUN funeral stretchers are made of top-notch materials to guarantee the long-lasting operation.
  • With the quality of funeral stretchers, we also offer the most reasonable prices on the EMS market.
  • EMSRUN funeral stretchers are equipped with lifting mechanisms to ease the transportation of the body.
  • You can order a testing funeral stretcher to inspect the quality personally.
  • EMSRUN offers perfect wholesale solutions when ordering funeral stretchers.
  • We have excellent shipping services to guarantee the timely delivery and safety of goods.
  • EMSRUN provides all the needed customization options to make our funeral stretchers look following your business identity.
  • You can send us a specification of the required funeral stretcher so we can materialize it.
  • EMSRUN can help you to effectively promote our funeral stretchers to your end customers.
  • Due to our vast qualifications, we can share all the needed info about funeral stretchers and help you to build a successful business model.
  • Lowering device trolleys aluminum alloy funeral stretcher
  • Lowering device trolleys aluminum alloy funeral stretcher
  • Lowering device trolleys aluminum alloy funeral stretcher

EMSRUN Certification

EMSRUN collection of certificates include CE, FDA, and ISO13485.

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Using the following video, you can become more familiar with the EMSRUN range of funeral stretchers.
Military Training Multi
First Aid Bag

EMSRUN – Your Premier Funeral Stretcher OEM Factory

EMSRUN is an independent private company that offers you personal service in the field of medical care equipment. With more than a decade of experience in the design and manufacture of funeral stretchers and other first aid or mortuary equipment, we remain the clear leader in this area.

EMSRUN applies the most advanced manufacturing methods and maintains an excellent record of superiority on the market. This consistent policy ensures you in our unrivaled reliability in all products. With quality, you also get the most profitable prices on funeral and mortuary stretchers.

EMSRUN’s dominant position becomes possible because of continuous review and updating of our products. Thus, we guarantee that you can achieve the most advanced funeral stretchers and other medical care equipment. Enhancing the equipment performance, we guarantee the long-lasting operation and simplicity in the use of our funeral stretchers.

Another reason in our leading position lies in strict attention to customer service. EMSRUN consists of qualified staff in all departments which ensures the highest standard of after-sales support. You can require our services 24/7 and we would always come up with the best solution.

Our main goal is to pursue customer satisfaction by supplying the most qualitative funeral stretchers. To accomplish this, EMSRUN remains competitive and continuously improves the grade of our manufacturing and customer services. You can build a perfect commercial model based on our support.

EMSRUN has finished a lot of necessary international projects for the past ten years. Among them, you can find the supply of medical care items to the FIFA World Cup and London Summer Olympics officials. We have supplied funeral equipment to fulfill the needs of the International Red Cross. Our funeral stretchers and other devices have served thousands of humans worldwide.

EMSRUN would be glad to start working with you today. Remember, that we also offer profitable wholesale prices and free services connected with the promotion of our goods. Please, leave us an inquiry using the following form and begin your successful partnership with EMSRUN.

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