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When you are looking for suppliers of ifak bags, emsrun is the most trusted Chinese partner.
We manufacture ifak bags in accordance with international regulations and standards to make them suitable for a variety of medical applications around the world.
Emsrun has been in the market for more than ten years, and has rich professional knowledge and thousands of completed orders all over the world.
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Here we have gathered the latest choice of IFAK bags available for order. We update these documents at least once a year to bring you the most actual range of our products.

Why Choose EMSURN IFAK Bag?

  • EMSRUN IFAK bags are made of robust materials that are sewed with double-stitching to guarantee longtime use.
  • You can order empty IFAK bags, or we can add all the needed equipment and medical means inside.
  • EMSRUN IFAK bags can be used in the army, police, ambulance, and other governmental organizations.
  • Our IFAK bags are inspected by third parties and our own QC department to be sure of their quality.
  • EMSRUN IFAK bags are MOLLE compatible.
  • We produce our individual first aid bags in strict compliance with international regulations, which can be proved by our certificates catalog.
  • You can order a testing sample of the EMSRUN IFAK bag.
  • Tactical MOLLE First Aid Kit leg Bag IFAK Medical Utility Pouch details
  • Tactical MOLLE First Aid Kit leg Bag IFAK Medical Utility Pouch details
  • Tactical MOLLE First Aid Kit leg Bag IFAK Medical Utility Pouch details
  • Tactical MOLLE First Aid Kit leg Bag IFAK Medical Utility Pouch details

EMSRUN Certification

Our collection of certificates includes ISO13485, CE, and the FDA. You can see these documents below.

Latest Product Show Video

EMSRUN has a lot of content to help you sell our IFAK bags. Below you can find the latest videos of individual first aid bags manufactured under our roof. These files are updated regularly, just like our catalogs.
1000D Nylon Military bag
Military tourniquet

EMSRUN – Your Premier IFAK Bag OEM Factory

EMSRUN is glad to be the most reliable supplier of first aid goods in China. Whenever it comes to qualitative IFAK bags or other medical care equipment, you can count on us. We achieved a lot of significant milestones on our route to success, and we would be happy to share it with you.

Here at EMSRUN, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, competitive prices, and timely shipping. We have live on-site operators who are available 24/7 and can answer any questions you may have about your order or a specific item. You can always rely on them when ordering IFAK pouches and bags.

On top of our friendly customer service crew, we also offer the most reasonable prices you’ll find on the internet. It is possible because of our effective manufacturing capacities and huge partner network. We can produce thousands of IFAK bags per week and add various additional medical means inside.

EMSRUN also offers great customization options for our individual first aid kit bags. You can choose the desired color, add logos of your business and other prints, choose the required size, inner construction, and so on. We can manufacture testing samples of our custom IFAK bags so you can check the demand level.

我们已经为全球数百万满意的客户提供服务,包括执法,政府机构等。我们的客户包括FIFA世界杯和伦敦夏季奥运会代表,国际红十字会,沙特阿拉伯民防以及许多其他受人尊敬的组织。订购EMSRUN IFAK袋时,您可以获得与这些组织相同的服务水平。



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