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EMSRUN is an experienced Chinese manufacturer of industrial first aid kits.

We are glad to offer you the most reasonable prices and flawless service.

Our specialists have more than 10 years of experience with all the needed certificates under the belt.

Please, leave us a quote if you are interested in a prolific partnership with EMSRUN.

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We update our catalog files annually, adding the most qualitative and popular goods available on the market. EMSRUN always moves forward to bring you the best medical care items, including industrial and commercial first aid kits. You can use the button below to download our latest catalog.

Why Choose EMSURN Industrial First Aid Kit?

  • Our industrial first aid box can be used in various instances, including manufacturing sites, warehouses, power stations, and other industrial facilities.
  • EMSRUN industrial first aid kits contain all the needed means to effectively treat industrial injuries and traumas.
  • You can choose the contents of each industrial first aid kit so they can fit your exact demand.
  • To be sure of the quality of our items, you can require the delivery of testing samples.
  • We guarantee the quality of all our items and conduct constant checking procedures using our QC department and professional third parties.
  • Due to our limitless manufacturing capacities, we can fulfill all kinds of wholesale orders, even the largest.
  • We can customize your industrial first aid kits, change their color, and add business logos.
  • Ambulance industrial first aid kits details
  • Ambulance industrial first aid kits details
  • Ambulance industrial first aid kits details

EMSRUN Certification

All EMSRUN medical care items go through strict certification procedures before they get on the market. We have all the needed documents that prove the quality of our services, including CE, FDA, and ISO 13485 certificates.

Latest Product Show Video

Below you can view video files showing our industrial first aid kits and their contents. Just like in the case of catalog files, we update our videos constantly to bring you the most accurate content.
Military Training Multi
First Aid Bag

EMSRUN – Your Premier Industrial First Aid Kit OEM Factory

Here at EMSRUN, we always try to improve the quality of our services and goods to bring the best experience to you. To do so, we constantly renovate our manufacturing equipment and develop the qualification of our specialists. We utilize only modern techniques and means to create the most qualitative industrial first aid kits and other medical care items to fit your needs.

We are also focusing on our customers’ support services. Our consultants pass through professional education programs to achieve all the needed knowledge that might help you. These specialists are in touch 24/7 to provide you actual info about our industrial first aid kits, the status of delivery, and so on.

EMSRUN has completed multiple game-changing projects that helped us to achieve our perfect reputation. We have partnered with 2010 FIFA World Cup representatives, International Red Cross, and Saudi Arabia Civil Defence. We have delivered medical supplies to effectively struggle against the Ebola outbreak in Africa.

We have various partnership programs available for our customers. In short, the more you order, the less you have to pay for a single industrial or construction first aid kit. We can also offer our professional services when it comes to the distribution and exhibition of our medical care items.

It is an easy task to start working with us. We have the lowest MOQs for our goods, as well as a testing sample ordering option. We can provide you photos, videos, and technical documentation related to our industrial first aid kits to help you promote our goods.

Finally, EMSRUN works with the most reliable Chinese shipping companies to ease the delivery process. In general, only 3-7 weeks are required to manufacture and deliver your goods. The exact timelines depend on your location. In any case, you’ll achieve all means and support during the delivery of your industrial first aid kits.

You can reach our customers’ support group via the nearby form and start your story of success with EMSRUN today!

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