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EMSRUN is a professional producer of medical kits and other first aid equipment in China.

For more than a decade of prolific existence, we have gone through thousands of challenging projects to achieve the priceless expertise and flawless reputation.

For you, it is an easy task to start working with us, due to our loyal policies and lowest MOQ possible.

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Here you can see our latest catalog of medical kits available to order. These files are updated once a year to have only the fresh choice of medical care items.


Medical multifunctional wall hanging, ABS, first aid box

Why Choose EMSURN Medical Kit?

  • We have a wide array of medical kits made of soft and hard materials, in the form of bags, cases, etc.
  • You can order empty shells for medical kits, or we can put any needed medical care equipment inside.
  • Our medical kits can be both stationary and mobile, meaning that you can mount it on the wall, or carry it with the help of a handle.
  • We can customize our medical kits based on your business preferences.
  • The quality of our medical kits is tested by third-party inspectors and our own QC specialists.
  • We produce first aid kits for homes and for commercial use.
  • Our emergency medical kits can be used to treat traumas, bleeding, and other harsh medical conditions.
  • We make our medical kits following international regulations and standards.
  • AED backpack
  • ifak first aid kit-product for PVC details
  • ifak first aid kit-product for PVC details
  • ifak first aid kit-product for PVC details
  • Medical multifunctional wall hanging, ABS, first aid box details
  • Medical multifunctional wall hanging, ABS, first aid box details
  • Medical multifunctional wall hanging, ABS, first aid box details
  • Medical multifunctional wall hanging, ABS, first aid box details

EMSRUN Certification

Our list of achieved certificates includes the FDA, ISO13485, and CE documents. We constantly pass all the required inspections to reaffirm our qualifications.

Latest Product Show Video

This paragraph displays our videos of medical kits available for order. You can use them to promote our items as well. We update these files on a regular basis.
Military Training Multi
First Aid Bag

EMSRUN – Your Premier Medical Kit OEM Factory

EMSRUN has achieved a dominant position in the market for several reasons. First of all, we are capable of producing thousands of medical kits per week. Due to our optimized manufacturing processes, we can guarantee the quality of each item made on your request. We constantly improve our production means and qualification of our development experts.

Secondly, we are proud to have the most attentive customer services. Our consultants are online 24/7 to give you all the required information about our medical kits, delivery status, our prices, and so on. You can work together with our specialists to help your business to grow more effectively.

Thirdly, we always try to give the most reasonable prices on our medical care items. We have lots of great offerings for our wholesale and regular customers. In short, the more medical kits you order, the cheaper the price would be per single unit. If you are not ready to make such an order yet, you can require the delivery of testing samples.

For the past decade, we have completed lots of challenging projects. We have supplied medical kits and other first aid supplies to our partners in the FIFA and Olympic Games committee. Before your interest in EMSRUN, we have manufactured and delivered thousands of healthcare items to the International Red Cross and Saudi Arabia Civil Defence.

When ordering EMSRUN medical kits, you have great customization freedom. You can choose between various colors, you can add logos and prints on your medical kits. Also, you are free to choose the contents of each medical kit so they fit the preferences of your customers.

You can start your story of success today. Leave us an inquiry using the nearby form, and we’ll reach you with the best solution possible.

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