EMSRUN - Leading IFAK Pouch Supplier And Manufacturer In China

EMSRUN is the superior supplier of individual first aid kits (IFAK Pouch) in China.

Here you can find the latest choice of high-qualitative IFAK Pouch and other medical care equipment.

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In this partition, you can find our latest choice of IFAK Pouch. EMSRUN renovates these documents constantly, at least once a year.

Why Choose EMSURN IFAK Pouch?

  • EMSRUN IFAK Pouches are made of strong materials so they can be intensively used in the harsh environment.
  • Our individual IFAK Pouches contain all the needed medical equipment to treat traumas, fractures, bleedings, and other unhealthy conditions.
  • We produce IFAK Pouches following all international and local regulations, so they can be used worldwide without any restrictions.
  • EMSRUN IFAK Pouches have special fasteners so they can be connected to the assault vest/body armor or a duty/pistol belt.
  • Our IFAK Pouches are organized greatly so the user can find any needed medicines in the shortest time possible.
  • You can choose the layout of medical items inside the individual first aid kit to fit the requirements of your customers.
  • EMSRUN can customize your IFAK Pouches, change their color, add all the needed logos and prints on them, and so on.
  • The quality of all EMSRUN first aid supplies and IFAK Pouches is checked by our QC department, and by third-party specialists.

EMSRUN Certification

As it was already mentioned above, we operate under strict international and local regulations. Thus, we have achieved several certificates to confirm our competence. This list includes the FDA, ISO13485, and CE documents.

Latest Product Show Video

Here you can find the latest videos of EMSRUN IFAK Pouch available to order. Just like with our catalog files, we update these videos constantly.
Tactical IFAK Pouch Test
CR-SE01-Tactical IFAK Pouch

EMSRUN – Your Premier IFAK Pouch OEM Factory

EMSRUN is on the market for more than a decade, with thousands of successfully completed orders under the belt. We would be glad to become your trusted partner, as well as other entrepreneurs, including small and big ones. We have delivered thousands of IFAK Pouches and millions of other medical care items worldwide.

Among our most significant accomplishments, you can notice several world-changing projects. In 2010, we partnered with FIFA World Cup representatives in Africa. In 2012, we delivered medical care supplies and IFAK Pouch to our partners in the London Summer Olympics committee. In 2014, EMSRUN united with the International Red Cross to combat the Ebola outbreak in Africa.

As you can see, we have passed great challenges to achieve our dominant market position. We can produce thousands IFAK Pouches per week to fulfill all kinds of wholesale orders. However, we also remember about small and medium businesses, so you are not obliged to order a high amount of our medical supplies.

We also don’t utilize strict MOQ rules. It means that you can order single testing samples of our IFAK Pouches to test the quality and reaction of your customers before ordering in bulk. Due to our wide net of reliable suppliers, EMSRUN can guarantee the shortest time possible for your delivery. Typically, it takes about 3-7 weeks to produce a wholesale order and deliver it. The ending lead time depends on your current location.

Our customer’s support group is online 24/7 to help you with any kind of information. You can require our latest prices, get info about the delivery process, about our special offers, and so on. If you are interested in working with EMSRUN, please, fill the nearby form and send us your inquiry.

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