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EMSRUN is your reliable provider of mobile hospitals and all additional medical equipment.

For more than 10 years in the market, we have completed dozens of large mobile hospital wholesale projects, gathering priceless expertise and knowledge.

EMSRUN mobile hospitals are used to provide efficient on-site medical treatment during natural disasters, warfare operations, civil unrest, and pandemics.

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Because of the high pace with which the modern medical market carries forward, new items appear constantly. EMSRUN updates its catalogs annually to bring you the latest choice of mobile hospitals.

Why Choose EMSURN Mobile Hospital?

  • EMSRUN mobile hospital units can be settled within the shortest time, and then packed for further movement with similar ease.
  • Our mobile hospitals can be equipped with any kind of devices required, including life support systems, surgical and therapy items, water and energy systems, and other electrical/medical equipment.
  • You are free to choose the contains of EMSRUN mobile hospitals, change their layout and color, add prints and logos, etc.
  • EMSRUN produces mobile hospitals that can be used during warfare operations.
  • We can guarantee the continuous usage of EMSRUN mobile hospitals and inner equipment.
  • It is easy to set EMSRUN mobile hospital units on-site.
  • Due to the excellent production techniques, EMSRUN can offer you any amount of mobile hospitals for the most reasonable prices.
  • EMSRUN gathers reliable logistic partners to bring you the best delivery services worldwide.
  • When you order EMSRUN mobile hospitals, you get all the required technical and customer support, from the moment of the creation to the final delivery.
  • The quality of EMSRUN mobile hospitals and inner equipment is rigorously inspected by QC experts before shipping.

    EMSRUN Certification

    EMSRUN has collected ISO13485, CE, and FDA certifications, as well as many other regulation documents to affirm our excellent services.

    Latest Product Show Video

    Below you can watch our videos that contain the comprehensive review of EMSRUN mobile hospitals.
    Military Training Multi
    First Aid Bag

    EMSRUN – Your Premier Mobile Hospital OEM Factory

    EMSRUN considers itself a world leader in the healthcare and medical industry, with customers in over 80 countries around the globe. You can buy our designed and developed state of the art mobile hospitals that carry all equipment necessary for your medical procedures. EMSRUN is the only company that utilizes the most qualitative materials meanwhile keeping the rates as low as possible.

    EMSRUN can integrate several medical specialties inside a single mobile hospital. It means that you can customize your mobile medical solution that meets your exact specification. Because EMSRUN is an international company that works under strict standards, we manufacture our mobile hospitals for your use in any country worldwide.

    Moreover, all our mobile hospitals are designed to provide medical services to people in the most remote locations. With the help of these EMSRUN items, you can provide solutions for disaster recovery, oil field services, military operations, etc. You can use our mobile hospitals as a near-permanent solution that helps all people to get proper healthcare services.

    The quality of all of our medical equipment, including mobile hospitals, is the highest in the EMS market. We meet all medical standards and regulations, so you can be sure of the legal aspect of our services. In addition, all our mobile hospital units meet all the regulations of US codes for brick and mortar hospitals.

    Choosing our mobile hospitals, you get the most reliable solution in the industry. Our mobile hospitals are made to last for decades of incessant usage. They can be easily deployed and disbanded for later transportation. So when you order our mobile hospital units, you get a flexible movable treatment facility that lasts for a long time.

    When making business in the EMS industry, the customer’s satisfaction must be a top priority. EMSRUN understands that you would be glad to use our services again and again, but only if your first mobile hospital ordering experience would be flawless. So, we always aim at the best practices and manufacturing techniques to deliver you perfect medical equipment.

    We are proud to be a trusted partner for thousands of businesses worldwide. You can become a part of this network by getting the quote on EMSRUN mobile hospitals. Please, use the following form to do so.

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