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EMSRUN has been providing customers with innovative MRI stretchers and other products, as well as with service excellence for more than 10 years.

You can find a wide array of MRI stretchers and other transportation items in our catalogs.

EMSRUN is proud to be the leading supplier of medical care goods, with thousands of satisfied customers in more than 80 countries worldwide.

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Here you can find the latest available choice of MRI stretchers manufactured by EMSRUN. These files are updated annually by our specialists that add the most trending items on the list.

Why Choose EMSURN MRI Stretcher?

  • EMSRUN MRI stretchers are made following various national medical recommendations and regulations, meaning that they can be used in all medical facilities around the globe.
  • Our MRI stretchers come with mechanisms that can adjust the height, block the movement of rollers, regulate side guards, and so on.
  • EMSRUN MRI stretchers are produced of trustworthy materials, including high-grade aluminum alloys.
  • Because of our selection of materials, this type of EMSRUN stretchers can be used not only during MRI but also during CAT and XRay.
  • The quality of all EMSRUN MRI stretchers is rigorously checked by QC specialists from our company and other parties.
  • With great quality, EMSRUN also guarantees that you will achieve the most affordable prices on our MRI stretchers.
  • We offer a vast array of customization options, meaning that you can add prints or logos, and change the color of EMSRUN MRI stretchers.
  • If you want to check our products in person, you can order a testing sample of our MRI stretcher.


  • Carbon fiber backboard aluminium scoop stretcher details
  • Carbon fiber backboard aluminium scoop stretcher details
  • Carbon fiber backboard aluminium scoop stretcher details
  • Carbon fiber backboard aluminium scoop stretcher details

EMSRUN Certification

EMSRUN follows the rules of strict governmental control when producing MRI stretchers. We have passed different certification inspections and achieved a lot of certifications, including CE, FDA, and ISO13485 documents.

Latest Product Show Video

EMSRUN is glad to show you our current range of MRI stretchers. You can view the videos below to gather more info about these items.
Military Training Multi
First Aid Bag

EMSRUN – Your Premier MRI Stretcher OEM Factory

EMSRUN dedicated specialists work as a team to bring the promise of functional and elegant design to you. Our MRI stretchers stand out among similar items because of the exceptional approach that we have. When you produce items for the EMS industry, quality is not only an option – it is a vital requirement.

EMSRUN believes in science-based solutions. Once we understand the nature of your problem or requirement, we begin searching for possible solutions. After well-conducted research, our engineers use cutting-edge technology to create MRI stretchers and other items that have exceptional functionality, durability, and are user-friendly.

Our MRI stretchers are used by many respectful organizations around the globe. Among finished EMSRUN cases, you can see the supply of medical care items to the International Red Cross, FIFA World Cup, Summer Olympics, Civil Defence in Saudi Arabia, and many more. You can also become a part of a huge network of EMSRUN partners.

At EMSRUN, your satisfaction drives every decision. All our employees strive to provide the best service when you order MRI stretchers. You can rely on our support 24/7, and require all the needed info about our items, delivery process, etc. Due to our professional support, no wonder so many world-class facilities reach EMSRUN first.

We are also glad to offer great proposals while you place MRI stretcher wholesale orders. In such a case, we can guarantee the cheapest price and additional promotional help. Reach our customer’s support team and get a quote using the nearby form.

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