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EMSRUN is glad to be a trusted supplier of rescue stretchers, with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

We manufacture a vast range of rescue stretchers and other transportation items for your business.

The quality of our products is constantly inspected by EMSRUN and third-party specialists.

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EMSRUN updates the rescue stretcher catalog regularly, adding the most advanced items at least annually.

Why Choose EMSURN Rescue Stretchers?

  • EMSRUN manufactures rescue stretchers from sturdy materials that comply with international standards.
  • Alongside with the quality, EMSRUN provides excellent prices and services when you order our rescue stretchers.
  • We can conduct third-party QC inspection at our premises, or you can order a rescue stretcher’s testing sample to check the quality.
  • Because of EMSRUN manufacturing versatility, you can pick the color of rescue stretchers, add logos, prints, and choose other customization procedures.
  • EMSRUN can produce rescue stretchers following your requirements.
  • You can achieve great prices while ordering rescue stretchers in bulk.
  • EMSRUN guarantees timely and safe shipping of your rescue stretchers.
  • Our rescue stretchers can be used during X-Ray, CAT, and MRI examinations.
  • Due to the lightweight materials, EMSRUN rescue stretchers can be transported without any hassle.
  • Emergency rescue patient transfer spine board stretcher adult child sets-product details
  • Emergency rescue patient transfer spine board stretcher adult child sets-product details
  • Emergency rescue patient transfer spine board stretcher adult child sets-product details
  • Emergency rescue patient transfer spine board stretcher adult child sets-product details

EMSRUN Certification

EMSRUN continuously passes through inspections to confirm the qualification. We have achieved a lot of regulation documents, including CE, FDA, and ISO13485 certifications.

Latest Product Show Video

The following videos can help you to have a better look at the EMSRUN catalog of rescue stretchers.
Military Training Multi
First Aid Bag

EMSRUN – Your Premier Rescue Stretcher OEM Factory

EMSRUN is a China-based manufacturer with over 10 years’ experience in the market of medical care items. We design, manufacture, and supply rescue stretchers for purposes of small and large companies, from the private and public sectors.

You can rely on the quality of our rescue stretchers. All EMSRUN items are designed with the highest safety and tested even beyond the requirements of international regulations. Our products combine exceptional performance with superior strength and durability. The quality inspections are conducted by the EMSRUN QC department and other professional companies.

EMSRUN rescue stretchers are designed with a clear – to exceed expectations at any moment of operation. Your end customers will be surprised by how our rescue stretchers serve their function. This is why we do not receive many return applications, and you can be sure that your clients will be satisfied.

Each industry is unique and individual users have different needs and expectations. But when it comes to emergency medical services, the expectations are as high as possible. To make your ordering process even better, our customer support specialists solve all issues connected with the delivery of your rescue stretchers.

All our rescue stretchers are designed and adapted for specific situations and techniques that are well-known worldwide. You can use EMSRUN equipment in hospitals, nursing homes, training camps, military organizations, and other entities around the globe.

EMSRUN rescue stretchers have served thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Among our trusted partners are representatives from the International Red Cross, Civil Defence in Saudi Arabia, FIFA World Cup, Summer Olympics, and many other respectable organizations. We would be glad if you become a part of our story.

Being a leading OEM factory of rescue stretchers also means that EMSRUN provides profitable prices. Based on them, you can add quite a big margin and keep the customers satisfied. We also offer additional services for the effective promotion of our goods among your end clients. Basically, your success leads to ours.

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