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EMSRUN is an experienced company that provides various medical care equipment for the needs of wholesale suppliers.

We produce our reusable manual resuscitators following rigid industry standards so they can be used by ambulance emergency specialists in any country.

EMSRUN guarantees that all our reusable manual resuscitators, bag valve masks (BVMs), and other medical devices come through strict quality control procedures before they are delivered to you.

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Why Choose EMSURN Reusable Manual Resuscitator?

  • EMSRUN reusable manual resuscitators are produced from high-grade materials that can be autoclaved for further use.
  • EMSRUN reusable manual resuscitators provide better oxygen delivery than similar items from the direct competitors.
  • Because of the convenient textured surface, EMSRUN reusable manual resuscitators can be handled with a reliable grip.
  • EMSRUN reusable manual resuscitators and BVMs are lightweight and provide fast recoil to reduce hand fatigue.
  • You can order EMSRUN reusable manual resuscitators as a part of our first aid kit, or as separate products.
  • We provide great proposals both for our wholesale and low-quantity reusable manual resuscitators orders.
  • EMSRUN offers timely and safe shipping of your reusable manual resuscitators.
  • Because of EMSRUN production capabilities, we can create and send you thousands of reusable manual resuscitators within a week.
  • We offer a testing sample of EMSRUN reusable manual resuscitators.
  • The quality of every EMSRUN reusable manual resuscitator is inspected by inner and third-party QC specialists.
  • Manual Automatic Silicone Oxygen Resuscitator
  • Manual Automatic Silicone Oxygen Resuscitator
  • Manual Automatic Silicone Oxygen Resuscitator
  • Manual Automatic Silicone Oxygen Resuscitator
  • Manual Automatic Silicone Oxygen Resuscitator

EMSRUN Certification

EMSRUN’s collection of legal documents include ISO13485, CE, and FDA certifications.

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Military Training Multi
First Aid Bag

EMSRUN – Your Premier Reusable Manual Resuscitator OEM Factory

EMSRUN is a privately owned supplier of medical devices with over 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry. When you order our reusable manual resuscitators, you get our priceless expertise in each piece. EMSRUN is a major player in the market, having an international presence in over 80 countries.

EMSRUN always strives to advance new design solutions, increase the product development rate, and implement new manufacturing techniques. So when you deal with our reusable manual resuscitators, you can be sure that you get the products of the highest value.

EMSRUN collaborates with leading universities and research facilities to develop innovative reusable manual resuscitators that improve the delivery of medical care services. We understand your needs and requirements, as well as the challenges you face, so we can deliver solutions that make a significant difference to your business.

EMSRUN consists of qualified research and development teams, skilled engineers, and prolific designers. When we manufacture your reusable manual resuscitators and BVMs, we use the latest manufacturing techniques and design solutions. We also implement innovative approaches in other fields of EMSRUN operation, such as customer support, consultant team, etc.

EMSRUN’s modern production facility leads to the close control of all development processes. Your reusable manual resuscitators are inspected on all stages, from a selection of materials to the latest production processes. You can also conduct your quality control procedure using your connections with QC companies.

EMSRUN customer support group is always available to provide you all the needed information about our items. They work 24/7 to give you the latest rates on our reusable manual resuscitators, consult you about the status of delivery, or even create a better solution for you. You can rely on our specialists when you make business in the EMS industry.

With a continuous exceptional reputation, EMSRUN has achieved many long-lasting and reliable partners in the global arena. Our reusable manual resuscitators serve thousands of human beings worldwide, making their life better. If you are also driven by the idea of the common good, you would win from partnering with EMSRUN.

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