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Folding Ambulance Stretcher With Safety Belt

Concave shape prevents lateral movement.
Folds for easy storage.
Can be used together with head immobilize
Metal material, not easy to damage

CR-S11 High quality Carbon Fiber Stretcher Manufacture

There is an new clutch at each ends, which could separate the stretcher into left or right parts.
It is separately-type stretcher of transfer fractured and serious patient.
Telescopic pole also adopt oval-sharp design and add the tube’s thickness to make it so steady, it’s length can be adjusted according to patient’s body.
Made of carbon fiber, light weight and high strength


Produced in plastic could be used with X-Ray,specially designed to
be placed underneath the injured (broken back bone etc.) It has a
secure open/close device and a regulated length easy lock system.
The contoured surface is specially made to reduce any eventual movements of the patient during transportation.

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The wide range of EMSRUN scoop stretchers can be found in our latest catalogs posted below. These documents are updated annually to contain only available and latest choices.

Why Choose EMSURN Scoop Stretchers?

  • Our scoop stretchers are made of the strongest materials, such as aluminum, plastic, and carbon fiber.
  • EMSRUN scoop stretchers can be easily folded for convenient transportation.
  • Our scoop stretchers are lightweight and easy-to-use.
  • We produce our ambulance scoop stretchers in accordance with generally accepted healthcare standards, meaning that they can be used in every medical care facility worldwide.
  • EMSRUN can offer the most reasonable prices to our customers because of its dominant position on the market.
  • Our scoop stretchers are constantly inspected by our quality specialists and third-party representatives.
  • You can also check the quality of our scoop stretchers by ordering a testing item.
  • EMSRUN is capable of fulfilling any kind of orders, including huge bulk orders.
  • Folding Ambulance Stretcher With Safety Belt
  • Folding Ambulance Stretcher With Safety Belt
  • Folding Ambulance Stretcher With Safety Belt
  • Folding Ambulance Stretcher With Safety Belt

EMSRUN Certification

To confirm the quality of our services, the EMSRUN team regularly passes through rigorous inspections and checks. Eventually, we have achieved all the needed confirmation documents, including CE, FDA, and ISO13485 certifications.

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EMSRUN customers can use the following videos to promote our scoop stretchers. We update these media files together with our catalogs.
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Carbon Fiber Stretcher

EMSRUN – Your Premier Scoop Stretcher OEM Factory

EMSRUN offers great possibilities to your EMS business. We are proud to be the leading manufacturer of scoop stretchers in China, and push the market towards new achievements. We are always in search of new knowledge, technologies, and scientific approaches that might help us in the effective production of your medical care items.

For the past decade, we have finished dozens of world-changing projects. Below you can see the most significant of them:

  1. Delivery of medical equipment to 2010 FIFA World Cup officials.
  2. Manufacturing of first aid kits, supplies, transport, and scoop stretchers for 2012 London Summer Olympics officials.
  3. Supply of stretchers, body bags, and other medical items for the International Red Cross to help with their struggle against the Ebola outbreak.
  4. Manufacturing of trolleys, spine boards, oxygen supply equipment for 2015 SouthEast Asia Games in Singapore.
  5. Delivery of first aid equipment for purposes of Civil Defence in Saudi Arabia.

The above-mentioned success couldn’t be possible without our excellent customer support services. Our qualified specialists can provide you all the needed help connected with distributed scoop stretchers, latest prices on first aid equipment, market trends, the status of your shipment, and so on.

Another thing that helped EMSRUN on its journey is the timely shipping service. We have a choice of trusted shipping companies that can deliver your scoop stretchers for the shortest time possible. The price of delivery would be as reasonable as our prices on first aid supplies. In general, the delivery takes about 3-7 weeks depending on the country of destination.

EMSRUN is glad to offer promotional services for our regular and wholesale clients. With the cheapest prices and top-notch media content, you can achieve great advantage among the competitors. We can also customize your scoop backboard stretchers so they would fit your commercial identity.

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