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EMSRUN offers a wide range of soft stretchers to fit your needs.

Soft stretchers’ main function is a quick and easy transport of injured persons, making them ideal for EMTs, long-term care, and hospitals.

At EMSRUN, you can order not only soft stretchers, but also other transportation stretchers, immobilization and military products, first aid and medical care items, and so on.

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EMSRUN catalog of soft stretchers is updated at least annually. We always try to add some new and trending devices in our latest choice.

Why Choose EMSURN Soft Stretcher?

  • EMSRUN soft stretchers are latex-free and specially designed for moving patients of all sizes.
  • Our soft stretchers are available in several sizes and designs.
  • EMSRUN soft stretchers are made of durable vinyl material with continuously reinforced nylon straps that can be cleaned quickly with average cleaning methods.
  • Our soft stretchers are equipped with no-slip rubberized and pre-molded handles to make the transportation process safe and effortless.
  • EMSRUN produces soft stretchers from strong materials to prevent possible tears.
  • All our soft stretchers can be used while making XRay, MRI, and CAT examinations.
  • EMSRUN offers both top-notch quality and the most reasonable prices.
  • We can provide excellent logistic services to make sure that your soft stretchers arrive on time.
  • To inspect our soft stretchers in person, you can order a prototype of this EMSRUN product.
  • We guarantee beneficial proposals for soft stretcher wholesale orders.
  • Emergency Flexible Folding Portable Soft Stretcher details
  • Emergency Flexible Folding Portable Soft Stretcher details
  • Emergency Flexible Folding Portable Soft Stretcher details
  • Emergency Flexible Folding Portable Soft Stretcher details

EMSRUN Certification

Here you can see our CE, FDA, and ISO13485 certifications. EMSRUN passes through continuous inspections and checks to confirm the qualification.

Latest Product Show Video

EMSRUN creates a lot of media content to promote our soft stretchers. You can use the following video to see our assortment.
Military Training Multi
First Aid Bag

EMSRUN – Your Premier Soft Stretcher OEM Factory

For more than a decade, EMSRUN has been a solutions-focused leader in providing soft stretchers and other medical care equipment to masses. Our consistent power is a clear indicator of the value we deliver for your purposes. We are glad to compete for the most challenging projects and finish them sound.

Across our website, you can find a lot of medical care products alongside EMSRUN soft stretchers. We produce first aid equipment, transportation, immobilization, and military items, as well as funeral products. Some of our items are exclusive to EMSRUN. We’re pros at delivering the range of products you need to run your facility.

EMSRUN loves to find solutions to your problems. Among our game-changing projects is the supply of medical care items to the International Red Cross, FIFA World Cup, London Summer Olympics, Saudi Arabia Civil Defence, and so on. Just like in these cases, we strive to deliver those same great results to you when you order our soft stretchers.

EMSRUN state-of-the-art services make online ordering and custom quoting easy. From our soft stretchers to our transportation, first aid, and other equipment, we make it easy to obtain a custom quote for sharing and review within your company.

Best of all, EMSRUN’s skilled and dedicated customer service team is available 24/7 to you during the soft stretcher selection process. We review every inquiry and can suggest the best solutions and product alternatives that might lower your expenses or provide you a better use.

EMSRUN knows about the cost pressures that are ever-present in the EMS industry. That’s why we are focused on improving our manufacturing techniques and machinery to bring the most qualitative soft stretchers at the lowest prices. We constantly invite professional third-party QC specialists to check services and goods provided to you.

Whether you’re an owner of a private clinic, or a governmental purchaser, or just a distributor of medical care items, EMSRUN is ready to respond to your specific needs. Please, leave your inquiry to order your soft stretchers today!

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