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EMSRUN is a high-tech manufacturer and supplier of stair stretchers and other medical care equipment.

We guarantee the long-lasting service of our stair stretchers, as well as the quality of operation during this time.

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Our catalog of stair stretchers is updated once a year with all innovative equipment included. We conduct regular research to make the most advanced stair stretchers.

Why Choose EMSURN Stair Stretchers?

  • EMSRUN electric stair stretchers are equipped with innovative software that controls the movement speed and other functions.
  • We use high-density aluminum alloys for the stair stretcher frame to make it lightweight and sturdy at the same time.
  • Despite the high quality of EMSRUN stair stretchers, we offer the most affordable prices on our goods.
  • Our manual stair stretchers can be folded for easier transportation without a patient.
  • When ordering EMSRUN stair stretchers in bulk, you get the best prices possible.
  • We offer qualitative customization services to help you pick any required color, add logos and prints of your business, and so on.
  • Due to the high demand for such equipment, you can sell our stair stretchers worldwide achieving great profit.
  • EMSRUN helps to promote its stair stretchers to your ending customers.
  • We offer the most reliable shipping services and guarantee that your order will be delivered in time and in one piece.
  • EMSRUN offers a testing sample of a stair stretcher so your specialists can check the quality of our goods.
  • You can come up with your exact specification of a stair stretcher so we can create a unique solution that suits your needs.
  • High Quality Aluminum Alloy Emergency Evacuation Stair Chair stair stretcher for sale
  • High Quality Aluminum Alloy Emergency Evacuation Stair Chair stair stretcher for sale
  • High Quality Aluminum Alloy Emergency Evacuation Stair Chair stair stretcher for sale
  • High Quality Aluminum Alloy Emergency Evacuation Stair Chair stair stretcher for sale

EMSRUN Certification

The quality of EMSRUN stair stretchers is constantly confirmed through strict checks and inspections. As a result, we meet the requirements of CE, FDA, and ISO13485 certification.

Latest Product Show Video

Below you can find the latest EMSRUN stair stretcher videos. Use them to explore our available range of such equipment.
Military Training Multi
First Aid Bag

EMSRUN – Your Premier Stair Stretcher OEM Factory

When manufacturing advanced stair stretchers and other medical care equipment, quality is not just an option. It is the most necessary requirement and the main goal of any EMSRUN operations. Our mission is to make the first aid devices that will last for decades and fulfill the requirements of your end clients all this time.

We understand the needs of your business and the struggles that you pass on your way. EMSRUN services can ease your situation because you won’t be bothered at any stage of stair stretcher delivery. Our specialists will keep an eye on your order from manufacturing until you receive our goods.

Before you order our stair stretchers, you can get all the needed info from our customer support. Our consultants are with you 24/7 to send you a quote with the best prices and solutions. Needless to say that our experience can help you to get the most promising deal. You can rely on our experience when making money in the EMS industry.

EMSRUN has the most reliable shipping partners so you can be sure in the delivery process as well. We guarantee that you’ll get your stair stretchers in the shortest time possible. Also, they will be delivered without damage and defects. Typically, the lead time is from three to seven weeks depending on the ending location and the chosen type of transport.

Finally, EMSRUN is glad to offer you the best prices on our stair stretchers and other medical care items. When ordering in bulk from us, you can achieve the lowest quotes and additional help with later promotion of our stair stretchers. Leave your inquiry to require further details.

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