EMSRUN - Stretcher Bed, Emergency Ambulance Stretcher Bed Mattress

EMSRUN is a private company focused on manufacturing stretcher beds and other medical transportation equipment.

We care about the quality of our goods and service, so we can guarantee you excellent experience during the order process.

You can use our stretcher beds in hospitals, nursing homes, emergency trucks, and other medical care facilities.

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EMSRUN catalog of stretcher beds consists of the latest items available to order. We add new options for stretcher beds at least annually.

Why Choose EMSURN Stretcher Bed?

  • EMSRUN stretcher beds can be used in a wide array of medical care facilities worldwide.
  • We produce our stretcher beds using high-tech manufacturing techniques to guarantee long-lasting work and usefulness.
  • EMSRUN range of stretcher beds includes options not only for medical activities but also for civil ones, such as camping, hunting, etc.
  • Quality of EMSRUN stretcher beds is tested during strict QC inspections.
  • Although EMSRUN offers excellent quality, we also keep our prices at the lowest level.
  • Thanks to our logistics partners, EMSRUN delivers your stretcher beds in time and in one piece, always.
  • You can pick multiple customization options for your stretcher bed, including the color pattern, prints, logos, size, and so on.
  • If you still hesitate about the quality of EMSRUN stretcher beds, you can order a testing sample.
  • EMSRUN offers excellent wholesale proposals when you order stretcher beds.
  • Folding stretcher wheel aluminum alloy ambulance stretcher bed details
  • Folding stretcher wheel aluminum alloy ambulance stretcher bed details
  • Folding stretcher wheel aluminum alloy ambulance stretcher bed details
  • Folding stretcher wheel aluminum alloy ambulance stretcher bed details

EMSRUN Certification

To be a part of the EMS industry, you have to comply with international regulations. As a result, EMSRUN has gathered some certifications, like CE, FDA, and ISO13485.

Latest Product Show Video

EMSRUN continuously creates digital content to promote our medical care, transportation, and first aid equipment. You can view the videos below to have a better look at our current range of stretcher beds.
Military Training Multi
First Aid Bag

EMSRUN – Your Premier Stretcher Bed OEM Factory

EMSRUN is an international distributor of medical equipment and supplies. During more than 10 years of successful operation, we have developed all the needed skills and abilities to stay in one row with leading companies on the market. EMSRUN specializes in providing you the perfect procurement experience while buying our stretcher beds.

Started as a small enterprise, EMSRUN has continued to expand its horizons to new markets around the world, providing quality items and top-notch services. You can order stretcher beds, ambulance stretchers, other types of stretchers, and transportation products, as well as first aid and funeral items.

EMSRUN has a lot of distributor and wholesaler partners all over the world who redirect our stretcher beds and other products in their local markets. We provide you with our innovative approach, personalized services, impressive production rate, and more than a decade of operational experience that has positioned us at the top of the Chinese EMS industry.

We are widely recognized by several major international organizations. Among EMSRUN completed projects, you can find the supply of stretcher beds and other healthcare items to FIFA and Summer Olympics representatives, Saudi Arabia Civil Defence, the International Red Cross, and many others.

Besides the product quality, EMSRUN is also reputed for professional delivery services, customers’ loyal policies, and the team of the most experienced business and technology specialists. We are here with you 24/7 to help you with any issues connected with your stretcher bed order.

Many importers sell EMSRUN stretcher beds under their brands. That is why we provide a lot of customization options, meaning that you can choose any required color, add logos of your business, and other prints.

Being a part of an industry that takes care of the health and well-being of humans, we ensure that no mistakes are made. EMSRUN understands that life is precious. Our business philosophy is based on exceptional service, high quality, and value of stretcher beds. We always strive to exceed your expectations.

EMSRUN believes in long term relations and mutual growth with you and other customers. To start working with us, please, leave your inquiry.

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