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EMSRUN is the leading manufacturer of tactical first aid kits in China.

We can become your #1 choice among Chinese suppliers of medical care items.

Our experience in this field is far beyond our competitors, with more than 10 years of successful operation.

If you feel ready to start the story of prosperous relations, please, leave us a quote.

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Below, you can find the full list of tactical and military first aid kits supplied by EMSRUN. You can download and share it with your end clients to figure out the demand. We update the catalogs of our goods each year.

Why Choose EMSURN Tactical First Aid Kit?

  • Our tactical first aid kits pass through rigorous certification procedures before you get them.
  • The quality of all EMSRUN items is tested and checked by professional QC third parties.
  • You can choose the contents of tactical first aid kits based on your customers’ preferences.
  • We offer various customization options for our medical care items.
  • You can require the testing sample to check the quality of our goods personally.
  • We have a great choice of tactical and military first aid kits, including different casings for them.
  • We offer the cheapest prices among our direct competitors.
  • large capacity tactical first aid kit-details
  • large capacity tactical first aid kit-details
  • large capacity tactical first aid kit-details
  • large capacity tactical first aid kit-details

EMSRUN Certification

EMSRUN items pass several testing procedures and checks before they get positive certification marks. We have CE, FDA, and ISO 13485 certificates under the belt to confirm the quality of manufactured tactical first aid kits.

Latest Product Show Video

Using the following video, you can personally view our range of tactical first aid kits. We update these files regularly to give you the most precise look at our items.
Military Training Multi
First Aid Bag

EMSRUN – Your Premier Tactical First Aid Kit OEM Factory

Here at EMSRUN, we always prioritize the needs and demands of our customers. It means that we try to bring you not only the best tactical first aid kits possible but the best services as well. Our customer support group works 24/7 so you can get the required info without significant delays.

Our range of medical care items is as broad as possible. Speaking of first aid kits, you can order tactical and military ones, as well as ambulance and individual first aid kits (IFAKs). Also, you can find transportation stretchers, trauma kits, immobilization devices, and other helpful medical tools.

For the past few years, we have completed several turnkey projects for our international partners. These include the supply of tactical first aid kits and other medical care items for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in Africa, as well as the delivery of medical supplies to combat the Ebola outbreak in 2014. Among our customers you can see such great organizations as the International Red Cross and Saudi Arabia Civil Defence.

We are proud to be the most well-organized manufacturer of tactical first aid kits in China. We check every sent item before delivery to minimize the possibility of defects. Also, our specialists utilize the most robust packaging techniques to be sure that your goods will arrive in one piece.

We can offer great prices for our tactical and military first aid kits. The more you order, the less you should pay for a single kit. We also have beneficial partnership programs for our regular customers.

Finally, we are able to guarantee the flawless shipping of your goods. Typically, the lead time is 3-7 weeks, depending on your location and the order quantity. You will achieve all the needed info after we ship your goods, so you can track the delivery process yourself. EMSRUN works with the most reliable Chinese shipping companies to guarantee timely delivery.

If you are interested in our tactical and military first aid kits, do not hesitate to leave the quote using the nearby form.

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