EMSRUN - Vacuum Stretcher, Vacuum Mattress For Spinal Immobilisation

EMSRUN combines technical and commercial expertise to lead the delivery of thousands of vacuum stretchers until today.

Our vacuum stretchers are designed according to the international regulations and can be used in ambulances, clinics, and other medical care facilities.

You can buy a wide range of transportation and first aid equipment from EMSRUN, including scoop stretchers, medical stretchers, vacuum stretchers, etc.

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Why Choose EMSURN Vacuum Stretcher?

  • EMSRUN vacuum stretchers are manufactured from thermoplastic polyurethane material (TPU) which is very light and has high resistance against friction and laceration.
  • Our vacuum stretchers can be used during XRay, MRI, and CAT procedures.
  • With the intent of immobilizing the patient on the vacuum stretcher and carrying him/her safely to the ambulance, seat belts are mounted on the stretcher.
  • EMSRUN vacuum stretchers are lightweight and easy-to-handle.
  • The quality of our goods and services is inspected by the internal EMSRUN QC department and third-party specialists.
  • Because of our trusted shipping partners, we can deliver our vacuum stretcher in time and one piece.
  • EMSRUN offers the best prices on the medical care market, especially for vacuum stretcher wholesale orders.
  • If you hesitate about the quality of EMSRUN vacuum stretchers, you can require a testing sample before ordering in bulk.
  • Vacuum stretche with high tightness and safety details
  • Vacuum stretche with high tightness and safety details
  • Vacuum stretche with high tightness and safety details
  • Vacuum stretche with high tightness and safety details

EMSRUN Certification

EMSRUN goes through rigorous inspections to achieve the needed regulation documents. We have CE, FDA, and ISO13485 certifications under our belt.

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EMSRUN – Your Premier Vacuum Stretcher OEM Factory

EMSRUN supplies help to protect health workers and provide better service to the patients. We aim to give you the perfect comfort when you order our vacuum stretchers. We are proud of manufacturing perfect transportation and first aid equipment that help to protect human lives and achieve the best medical services.

As a leading Chinese manufacturer of medical supplies, EMSRUN has completed thousands of deliveries in more than 80 countries worldwide. Our fundamental responsibility is to fulfill all needs and requirements of our customers. When ordering our vacuum stretchers, you can trust that you will be served with exceptional excellence.

We have provided our vacuum stretchers and other medical care equipment to several massive organizations, including the International Red Cross, FIFA World Cup, London Summer Olympics, Civil Defence in Saudi Arabia, etc. However, no matter how big your company is, you can rely on the same level of EMSRUN involvement.

EMSRUN priorities are designing and producing advanced vacuum stretchers and other mobile devices that meet with the expectations of our partners. Our main innovation is to work for a better life for all people involved in the business with EMSRUN.

When making business in the medical industry, it is necessary to build your own brand identity. Thanks to our manufacturing advantage, EMSRUN can offer a wide array of customization options for vacuum stretchers and other sold equipment. You can choose the desired color and size of the vacuum stretcher, add prints and logos of your business, etc.

To make sure that you get the best services possible, EMSRUN customer support team works 24/7 to provide any required aid at your request. We can help you to require the latest prices on our vacuum stretchers, current range of items, shipping services and policies, etc. We would be happy to get your inquiry, which could be sent via the nearby form.

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