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what the effects of emergency blanket

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Emergency blanket is play an important role in daily life, and the effects it caused is associated with it's material. Emergency blanket is generally made of aluminum film. It is divided into double-sided gold, double-sided silver and one side gold one side silver. It has the functions of keeping warm and protecting against cold and sun. There is also a name called a sunscreen blanket, or a cold blanket.

Effects of emergency blanket

1. Folding sunscreen

Under the scorching sun, putting a first aid blanket on your body protects your body from direct sunlight.

2. Folding to keep warm

Wrap your first aid blanket around your body in cold weather and reduce body heat loss.

3. Folding reflection

When the field is killed, the emergency blanket is wrapped around the body, and its reflective effect can be used to help rescuers find their targets.

4. Folding stretcher

The emergency blanket is tough, lightweight, soft and malleable and can be used as a stretcher. The 200-pound person lay flat on the unfolded emergency blanket. Six people picked up the four corners of the first aid blanket and the middle of the carpet. They would not be damaged! Of course, this stretcher is only a temporary measure for short-distance use. Pay attention to the synchronous operation when using, otherwise it will be easily torn and hurt the injured.

Other influence of the sunscreen blanket

When the emergency blanket is used to repair the car, the staff will operate under clean conditions when spreading to the ground to avoid grease.

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