What types of EMSRUN stretchers are there

Stretchers are common equipment in medical supplies.

We usually think that there is not much difference between stretchers, but in fact there are many types of stretchers, and different types have different functions.

Today this article will introduce you to our range of stretchers, and you can also learn more about this in detail.

EMSRUN has a wide range of stretchers for a wide range of applications.

Our products include folding stretchers, ambulance stretchers, shovel stretchers, stair stretchers, vacuum stretchers, spine plates, basket stretchers, camping stretchers and more.

One of the typical characteristics of EMSRUN is a wide variety.

Folding stretcher

Folding stretcher is a kind of simple stretcher, in EMSRUN catalogue, folding stretcher also has many varieties for customers to make order choices.

Folding stretcher

Camping stretcher

The camping stretcher is made of aluminum alloy.

It can be used as a simple bed after expansion.

Scoop stretcher

The scoop stretcher adopts the rigid structure of separation to transfer patients with fractures or with serious injuries.

Both ends are equipped with a clutch device to separate the stretcher into left and right parts.

This stretcher can fix the patient in place to reduce secondary injury to the patient, and quickly shovel the patient in or out of the stretcher without moving the patient.

It has the advantages of lightweight, small volume, easy to carry, safe to use, easy to disinfect and clean, and other advantages.

Scoop stretcher

Stair stretcher

What stair stretcher takes is folding chair type structure, whose design is more deft and more convenient to operate.

Four collapsible handles are arranged at the back end of the stretcher, and two retractable poles are arranged at the front and bottom of the stretcher.

The stretcher is equipped with two seat belts to ensure the patient’s safety during transfer.

Made of high strength aluminum alloy material, it has the advantages of light weight, small volume, easy to carry, safe to use, easy to disinfect and clean, and other advantages.

Stair stretcher

Ambulance stretcher

The ambulance stretcher is a kind of luxury style in the stretcher series, which requires cart and stretcher with separable and inseparable two kinds.

Ambulance stretcher

Basket stretcher

Basket stretcher is equipped with adjustable foot safety mechanism, safety belts and etc.

It adopts non-toxic and pollution-free materials, with the function of fireproof, wear-proof and anti-corrosion.

Vacuum stretcher

Vacuum stretcher is a brand new series with high technology,made of high quality durable nylon fabric.

The stretcher is shaped according to the shape of the person and used for X-ray radioscopy.

Rescue personnel can use air pump according to the severity of the patient’s injury and adjust the softness and hardness of the stretcher to confirm that the operation is safe, convenient and quick.

Spine board

Spine board is more convenient to use. It is made of HDPE material with no emission pollution.

This stretcher is equipped with safety belts, and it can be used in combination with the head immobilizer.

There are two kinds for children and adults.

The above is our type of stretcher.

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